6 Reasons to Date a Triathlete… And 6 Reasons Not To

That great body, exceptional stamina and the travel opportunities all come at a price

To date a triathlete…or not to date a triathlete, that is the question.

Triathletes rely on their bodies to take them the distance (in some cases, 140.6 miles), so you know your beau will be fit and totally on top of his or her health.

Con: If you were counting on a partner for partying all night, hitting happy hours or even just sharing sinfully decadent meals, chances are they won’t be joining you. Too little sleep, too many empty calories and cutting into training time are all big no-no’s for triathletes and unfortunately training comes first.

They’ve got tons of clothes (especially workout gear) and they look amazing in all of them—whether they’re in spandex and moisture-wicking tees or, on rare occasion, formal attire, you know they’ll look great.

Con: Laundry. Oh so much laundry. Piles of stinky workout gear will lie there for far longer than they should because between work, training and date night you tri-guy or gal just doesn’t have time to do the wash.

Since their schedule is tight, both of you will genuinely look forward to seeing each other. When your triathlete sets aside time for you, you are the only thing that matters.

Con: Correction—you are the only thing that matters…unless a big race is coming up. In that case, it might be a while before you get that quality time.

SWIMBIKERUN says you should.

Con: Cosmo says you shouldn’t.

Nothing instills confidence quite like completing a triathlon. These athletes train hard to master three sports—and they’ve got the muscles and pride to prove it. These athletes are self-assured and that’s an attractive trait, for sure.

Con: All that time spend working on their bodies and reflecting on their performance might push that sexy confidence into the realm of cockiness. Sometimes triathletes can come off as a little self-centered.

Two words: destination race. Triathletes often travel to some amazing places to race—think California, Hawaii and plenty of international destinations. If all goes well they might bring you along.

Con: The trips, the race fees, the gear, the training—it all adds up. To put it mildly, triathlon is an expensive sport (trust us, you don’t want to know what they spend on those bikes).

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