6 Must-Have Apps for National Nutrition Month

Skip the fad diets and learn to build healthy eating habits that last with these helpful apps
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From juice cleanses to eating gluten-free, instead of picking up the latest diet trend, which you’ll likely get sick of in a few weeks, why not celebrate National Nutrition Month in March by committing yourself to healthy eating habits that can stand the test of time?  

“It seems that everyone is looking for a quick fix, often sacrificing a wholesome and nutritious lifestyle for shortcuts,” explain the health- and fitness- savvy folks at PMBC Group, a California-based publicity, marketing, and branding firm that represents the Nudge app.

But as they pointed out, thanks to the power you hold in the palm of your hand (aka your smartphone), it’s easier than ever to embrace a smarter approach to creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself.   

Which is why in honor of National Nutrition Month, they’ve gathered what they feel are the top must-have health and wellness apps that actually make it easy (and maybe even fun) to eat healthy and workout.

Here are their favorite picks.

1. FitStar 
Work out like a pro with this iOS-only workout app by former NFL player Tony Gonzalez. FitStar creates tailored workouts according to your fitness level so you leave the gym feeling like a workout superstar.

Available on: iOS (Free; $4.99 per month for Premium)

2. Zombies, Run!  
Nothing is as motivating, or as scary as Zombies, Run! True to its name, the app creates audio running workouts through zombie-filled missions and adventures. It's frighteningly effective.

Available: iOs and Android ( $3.99)

3. Fooducate
It's back to basics with this app that grades foods from A to D. It's not only as easy as ABC, but Fooducate also provides nutritional information and healthy alternatives. 

Available: iOS and Android (Free)

4. Nudge
Let's face it, nothing is more motivating than a healthy dose of friendly competition. Nudge offers just that, by creating a single health score, the Nudge Factor, that you can compare with your friends, family and co-workers, no matter what  fitness app and tracker they use. Game on!

Available: iOS and Android (Free)

5. Fitocracy
It's always a pain to understand all the different numbers on the back of labels. Luckily, Fitocracy takes the hassle away by tracking nutrients instead of calories, making sure you’re eating the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat in order to keep you energized and full. 

Available: iOS (Free) 

6. HealthyOut Healthy Meal Finder 
Eating healthy can often take a toll on your social life. By finding healthy restaurants near you and providing nutritional information for each meal, this app lets you go out on the town without falling off the wagon. 

Available: iOS and Android (Free)

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