6 Fun Gift Ideas for Active and Outdoorsy Moms

Mother's Day gifts for sporty moms who love to move

There’s no doubt about it, all moms are amazing.

But it’s the active moms—the moms who are up training for marathons and triathlons at 4 a.m., the moms who play with their kids in the park, the moms who love to hike, bike, run and explore the outdoors—who are sometimes the most awe-inspiring of all.

Because they do all those things and somehow still find time for their kids and everything else that needs to get done each day.

How can you ever repay such an incredible woman? It’s probably impossible, but you can certainly start with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

Here are a few fun ideas to consider.

1. LED Run Vest

Whether she’s up before the crack of dawn or squeezing a run in long after the sun has set, this light-up vest made specifically for runners will keep your mom safe and visible no matter when she works out.
niteize.com; $35.99

2. Hi-Tec Penrith Waterproof Walking Shoe

If walking is your mom’s favorite way to work out, then she’ll appreciate this sturdy but breathable sneaker designed with slightly rougher terrains in mind.
hi-tec.com; $69.99

3. bedgear Vertex Performance Pillow

Active moms need to sleep well for proper recovery after tough workouts. Plus, we bet you deprived her of many hours of precious sleep back in the day, so make it up to her by helping to make her bed that much comfier. This deluxe bedgear pillow is designed with contouring that promotes spinal support and alignment and features strategic ventilation that allows for heat diffusion.
bedgear.com; $162.00

4. Zoom Tri Tank and Shorts

If your mom races in triathlons and loves to do it in style, she’ll be floored about this chic tri kit from Sweaty Betty, which features strategic seat padding and back-panel mesh pockets in the shorts and quick-drying high-performance material throughout.
sweatybetty.com; $109.00 per piece

5. Pack-It Specter™ Shoe Sac

Sporty, jet-setting moms will appreciate this practical packing solution, which makes it easy to protect clean clothes and other suitcase items from dirty shoes. 
eaglecreek.com; $18.00

6. Moji Mini Foot Massager

Every mom totally deserves a foot massage, but if you can’t quite spring for a spa treatment, this mini foot-massager from Moji comes in a close second place.
gomoji.com; $29.99