6 Days in Cedar Mesa, Utah (Day 2) Slideshow

6 Days in Cedar Mesa, Utah (Day 2) Slideshow

Panorama of Grand Gulch from the canyon floor, where it's joined by Sheiks Canyon

The eponymous Green Mask pictograph

Strange mud swirls in a semi-subterranean Anasazi room at Green Mask, plastered on the sooted back wall. What are they covering?

Overview of the semi-subterranean room at Green Mask, with the strange mud swirls

A phenomenal frieze of Basketmaker pictographs at Green Mask Spring

Basketmaker handprints and humanoid, Green Mask

Looking straight up forty feet at the congeries of Archaic rock art on the Green Mask ceiling. These abstract pictographs may be as old as six or seven thousand years.

A cramped, gloomy upper-story room at Green Mask

The ruins in Sheiks Canyon, half a mile in

The exquisitely preserved roof of the room half a mile in in Sheiks Canyon

Looking through the blown-out front wall of the same room, from inside it

Detail of a granary

Panorama from the saddle overlooking Grand Gulch

Mormon tea in bloom

Ruins at Green Mask spring

Sunset from our second campsite. Navajo Mountain in the distance on the left, Mossback Butte in the middle right.