6 Basic Types of Running Shoe Slideshow

6 Basic Types of Running Shoe Slideshow

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This is the newest and most talked-about category. Touting the idea that having less shoe leads to stronger feet and fewer injuries, this category has attracted droves of runners looking for the next big thing. But as most coaches will tell you, there’s no cure-all shoe.
If you want to give barefoot-style footwear a spin, do so with caution. Begin by wearing them a few times a week for 5 to 10 minutes each time and slowly ease into more mileage. That means you’ll need to keep your old, more traditional shoes around for the rest of your runs. The idea is to slowly build up strength in the necessary supporting bones and soft tissues before pushing your body to injury.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO

The KSO, which is based on the original FiveFingers, is a true barefoot shoe. Like its predecessor, it's light and comfortable, dries quickly and feels great off-road (park, field, dirt, etc.), though it comes with a sturdier closure system that makes your foot feel secure on the go. If you plan to run on pavement, look into the FiveFingers Bikila, which better protects the toes and forefoot.
$85; vibramfivefingers.com


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