5Point Film Festival Promises New Adventures

Five of the festival's most anticipated premieres this year

Established in 2008, Colorado's 5Point Film Festival returns to the mountain town of Carbondale this year with 44 films—some premieres, some not—that embody its mission to “inspire adventure of all kinds, to connect generations through shared experience, to engage passion with a conscience, and to educate through film.” Here are five premieres we’re stoked about.

"All That I Am"

Dirt bike racer Aaron Baker incurred a neck injury 13 years ago that changed his life forever. After neurosurgeons told him that at best he could re-learn how to feed himself, he’s gotten the wheels back under him. The up-close trailer features Baker’s reflection, an intimate look at his rehabilitation, as well as the loving people who support him through his recovery. “The culmination of a lot of blood, sweat, fears and tears, literally, rebuilding my body,” Baker said. “Redefining myself from complete paralysis.”

"The Bus: Journey to the North"

A gang of bright-eyed college kids from Colorado buy a school bus for $2,000, gut it and trick it out for their long journey, and while they’re add it, throw in a hot tub and convert it to run on vegetable oil. No wonder their adventures earned them a 2011 nod from National Geographic Adventurer’s of the Year.  


This trailer opens with the number of average days, weeks, months, and years of a person’s life. But the sharply rendered vistas and crisp cinematography remind the viewer to live those moments, not count them. This film is about celebrating whatever drives you. Or, as our climber-narrator Derek Craig, 35, puts it, “After all these years, I refuse to believe that joy costs something, or that we have to get on a plane to find it. That it has to happen on our vacation, and that dreams can’t come true on a Tuesday.”

"The Road to Karakol"

This is one of the most anticipated world premieres at 5points this year. Alpinist and adventurer Kyle Dempster brings us through his treacherous journey through Kyrgyzstan, as he encounters military corruption and dangerous rivers, through outdated Soviet maps, and with little more than a bike. Dempster’s narrative unravels his sense of safety, and challenges notions of what’s considered possible.  

"The Joy of Air"

With this world premiere, director Bryan Smith invites the viewer, through child-like joy, to experience the sensation of ‘catching air’. Across a variety of sports— kayaking, snowboarding, biking, skiing – the viewer is taken through a poetic vision of the body in rising motion. As the young boy in the trailer narrates: “Leave the ground beneath your feet, rise up, your inner legends greet. The body in motion, twisting, turning, churning, yearning. Apex found, heaven bound, but remember, what goes up, must come down. “

Click here for the full 2013 5Point Film Festival line-up.

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