50 Marathons in 50 Days

Running from Budapest to London
Staff Writer

Norman Varga, a 25-year-old Hungarian triathlete, hit the pavement last Saturday on a quest to run 1,240 miles from Budapest to London in just 50 days, arriving just in time for this summer’s Olympic games. The former cage fighter (who, at the age of 16, nearly lost his left arm after being pushed under a tram) now runs an organization in Csepel, Budapest, dedicated to helping youth develop a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals in science, art and education, and is using his journey as a way to bring attention to the importance of supporting young people.

"I run to promote endurance and strong will," Varga told AFP, adding, "I want to be a role model through the things I do in my life."

Varga’s run will take him through Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands and will end in London July 27. He will be accompanied by a doctor, masseuse, cameraman, photographer and personal assistant (traveling via bus) and will make stops during the day to speak to local children, civic organizations and representatives of local councils.

Via The Associated Press.