#50 Joannie Rochette—Canada from 50 Greatest Winter Olympians

50 Greatest Winter Olympians

Joannie Rochette
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#50 Joannie Rochette—Canada

"A six-time Canadian champion and world silver medalist, Joannie Rochette makes this list on the strength of competing within days of the unexpected death by heart attack of her mother, Therese Rochette, who had come to Vancouver to watch her daughter skate,” says panelist Pj Kwong. Rochette hasn’t competed in any major skating events since and decided earlier this year not to compete in this year’s games at Sochi. However, she plans to compete at this year’s Japan Open. “I’m still training and still enjoy skating, but there’s a big difference between doing the Japan Open and doing the Olympics,” she told NBC Sports. “It’s more to give myself a personal challenge. I don’t have the added pressure of competing in the Olympics.”
—Katie Rosenbrock


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