The 50 Fittest Companies 2014

The best businesses with the most fitness forward work perks

Here's the unfortunate reality of today's workplace: it's an inactive environment. For most nine-to-fivers, clocking in means sitting down and engaging in little physical activity for the rest of the day. In case you hadn't heard, this lifestyle isn't great for your body. Even if you exercise regularly and vigorously, sitting too much and for too long can negatively affect your health.

But those of us who fall into this category are not likely to give up our desks and computers in exchange for more labor intensive jobs. Technology has helped advance fields from advertising to engineering and there's no doubt we want to keep moving forward.  On the bright side, many companies are taking the initiative to offer employees tools and incentives that encourage them to lead healthier lives.

Your job may require you to spend hours in front of a computer each day, but if you have easy access to a gym, healthy meal choices at the cafeteria, and a sturdy health care plan then your ability and motivation to lead a healthier life might be just a little bit easier.

From free on-campus fitness facilities to in-office ping pong tables, incomparable health care benefits and outstanding job perks the companies on our list are working hard to help their employees find more time for health and fitness in their lives. That includes supporting a healthy work-life balance. Because we all know that work can get hectic sometimes, and stress can negatively impact your health, too.

Our list is a compilation of companies that offer their employees the biggest and best opportunities to embrace fitness and health. It represents a wide range of work environments; every type of establishment from airlines to fast food chains, retailers and technology firms made the cut. Click through and continue reading to find out which business is the most fitness forward of them all.

*In calculating our list of the Fittest Companies, we complied data about the best places to work in the US from nine different expert lists including CNN Money, Business Insider, Glass Door, and Forbes. We then ranked our list using a scoring system that placed greater weight on sources that compiled information straight from company employees, like and Companies received extra points for frequently appearing on "best work-life balance" lists.

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