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TIAA-CREF is a financial services company focused on their client’s retirement plans; it makes sense then that they would be mindful of their employee’s futures as well. The company features solid health and wellness benefits including on-site medical services in some offices, fitness reimbursement programs for employees, and an impressive corporate athletic program. The program offers employees access to sports on site, in some locations employees can play up to six different sports.
—Diana Gerstacker

Bright Horizons Family Solutions

#49 Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Bright Horizons considers its employees as its greatest asset, so treating their health and wellbeing as a top priority only comes naturally. The company offers an extremely comprehensive medical benefits package including medical, dental, and vision coverage and their GlobalFit Fitness Solutions program which offers discounted gym memberships and access to smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction programs for all employees and their family members.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#48 Pfizer

Small wonder that this New York-based pharmaceutical company is big on its employees’ health. Its locations have fitness centers and the company offers gym discounts as part of its benefits packages. Pfizer also encourages a healthy work-life balance—a rarity these days—and offers its New York employees discounts or free admission at museums and zoos.
—Mark Lebetkin

Kaiser Permanente

#47 Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a company focused entirely on health. In 2007 they aligned company policy with practice and launched an initiative called Healthy Workforce. The program has grown and earned them the title of “Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles” by the National Business Group in Health in 2012. Some of the most unique program details are discounts on Weight Watchers, free and confidential nutrition advice, and help for those who want to quit smoking. “At Kaiser Permanente, we stand for health. Yours. Ours. Everyone’s,” says a statement featured on GlassDoor.com.
—Diana Gerstacker


#46 Accenture

There’s no question as to whether this tech services and management consulting company is dedicated to bettering the health of its employees. A few of Accenture’s work perks include: a “Nureslines” program that connects employees to health care professionals for all their health related questions 24/7; mental health resources; gym membership and fitness discounts; an online “Fitness Breakthrough” program designed to help employees find time in their day for exercise; a “10,000 Steps a Day” program geared at encouraging all employees to move more; an “Athletic-Minded Traveler” program which helps employees find running routes and fitness centers while on the road; and a fitness social networking site that includes online health coaching programs.
—Katie Rosenbrock

Johnson & Johnson

#45 Johnson & Johnson

This New Jersey-based pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health company takes a hands-on approach to its employees’ fitness. According to a report last year in National Journal, J&J has an annual online health risk assessment (nearly all employees participate), in which workers “self-report everything from their diet and exercise habits to cholesterol levels.” The company then follows up with employees, connects at-risk employees with wellness coaches, and encourages all employees to use on-site gyms during work hours.
—Mark Lebetkin

CHG Healthcare

#44 CHG Healthcare

An otherwise obscure niche company, CHG made waves when Fortune magazine named them the third best company to work for on their list of 100. In addition to on-site yoga classes, they host a competition similar to the show The Biggest Loser: it’s called Rock Your Body and according to their website, the program has been growing in popularity each year.
—Diana Gerstacker

American Express

#43 American Express

American Express is all about building bright futures for its employees, and the company recognizes that includes offering access to premium health benefits and providing a relaxed work environment that allows for a healthy work-life balance. Flexible work schedules, an on site gym and cafeteria, health savings accounts, and full medical coverage available to all employees are only a few of the reasons this company continues to be acknowledged as one of the best places to work by outlets like Fortune, Forbes, and CNN year after year.
—Katie Rosenbrock

Chesapeake Energy

#42 Chesapeake Energy

How many companies can you name that have an on-site Olympic-sized pool? This Oklahoma-based energy company boasts a 72,000-square foot fitness center for employees, complete with said pool, a track, and even a sand volleyball court.
—Mark Lebetkin


#41 Devon Energy

Devon Energy, an oil and gas producing company, keeps employees refreshed in an unconventional way. They offer employees a flexible work schedule that would give them every other Friday off if they opt to work an extra hour each day. Devon employees also benefit from on-site fitness centers.
—Diana Gerstacker


#40 Zappos.com

Surely you’ve heard of this popular online shoe and clothing shop, but we bet you’ve never been clued in on the long list of perks that this Las Vegas-based company offers up to its healthy and happy employees. In addition to unparalleled medical coverage everyone who works for Zappos also enjoys the perks of a 24/7 on-site fitness center, a company wellness calendar filled with on-site events including fitness classes, financial awareness programs, and nutritional education classes, reimbursements for endurance race entry fees, and company sponsored fitness challenges. Not to mention, reimbursements for weight watchers sessions, healthy food options at the campus cafe, and free food perks from time to time, too.
—Katie Rosenbrock

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

#39 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

This research hospital in Memphis, Tennessee doesn’t just focus on the health of its patients. Hospital employees have access to the Living Well Center, an on-site gym with group classes throughout the day, cardio machines and weights, and healthy cooking demonstrations and other seminars. The hospital also hosts a biweekly farmers market May through October and has its own employee garden.
—Mark Lebetkin

General Mills

#38 General Mills

This famed food brand has one of the best work-life balances on the list according to its employees. In addition to the balance, General Mills boasts a solid three weeks’ vacation for first-year employees and even more time off for veteran workers. That extra week off is the perfect time for a destination race.
—Diana Gerstacker

Fowler White Boggs

#37 Fowler White Boggs

“FWB truly cares for their employees and works hard to make sure your work environment is enjoyable,” one GlassDoor.com reviewer wrote about this law firm. The company proves this to be true by offering employees a competitive health care package that includes wellness screenings, opportunities to participate in events aimed at raising health awareness, and a “Lunch n’ Learn” program where employees can spend their breaks learning about health and fitness while enjoying healthy meals.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#36 Twitter

In case the catered breakfast and lunch in its San Francisco office weren’t enough to boost employee well-being, Twitter has weekly in-house yoga and pilates classes and gym membership reimbursement. Employees give Twitter a high work-life balance rating on GlassDoor.com and 84 percent would recommend working there to a friend.
—Mark Lebetkin

Cisco Systems

#35 Cisco Systems

Cisco is a major player in the field of internet technology and has been recognized consistently for being a great place to work. One of the most notable rankings, Cisco was named to LinkedIn’s Most In Demand Employers list. Wellness programs and their benefits package put Cisco at number 35 on our list.
—Diana Gerstacker


#34 Microsoft

Is there anything that Microsoft doesn’t offer its employees? This tech giant has made available an entire social community featuring everything from hobbies like photography and cricket to theater and a cappella. Plus, employees get discounts on restaurants, movies, ski passes and tons of other activities in the Seattle area. That’s not all, though. The company also offers subsidies for gym memberships and has its own on-campus running trails and a fitness facility that caters to almost any sport or activity you can think of.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#33 Stryker

A regular fixture on lists of best places to work, this Kalamazoo, Michigan-based medical technology company has fitness centers, subsidized gym memberships and free annual biometric screening for employees and their partners. After one year of employment employees get 25 days a year of paid time off, and can add another two to that number if they volunteer 40 hours of their time, according to workplace rating website GreatRated.com. And on those days off workers have access to such perks as discounts at ski resorts or admission to sporting events, depending on location and season.
—Mark Lebetkin


#32 Marriott

Marriott’s philosophy reads: “take care of your employees and they’ll take care of the guests.” This statement rings true as Marriott’s employees named the company to GlassDoor,com’s 50 Best Places to Work list in 2010.
—Diana Gerstacker


#31 Disney

Recognized by Forbes as a top 25 best work-life balance company and one of GlassDoor.com's top 50 places to work for 2014, this constantly expanding media conglomerate is dedicated to maintaining a healthy workforce through its “Disney Health Pursuits” program which features a variety of health and wellness programs as well as a rewards program that offers financial incentives to employees who make healthy choices.
—Katie Rosenbrock

Texas Instruments

#30 Texas Instruments

Employees give TI high marks for work-life balance. A typical employee review on GlassDoor.com reads: “TI is not a sweatshop, you can put your family and personal life at a higher priority.” Staffed on-site fitness centers offer personal training, group classes, athletic leagues, swimming and even activity camps for the kids during school holidays.
—Mark Lebetkin


#29 Cameron

85 percent of Cameron employees said they would recommend their company to a friend, according to GlassDoor.com. Add to that level of satisfaction the international locations with office amenities and the generous benefits package—Cameron has set the stage for the wellbeing of its employees.
—Diana Gerstacker


#28 Hyatt

Another company who made the cut for GlassDoor.com’s 2014 list of best places to work, Hyatt helps maintain the happiness and healthiness of its employees by providing an enjoyable work environment and benefits that include discounts on alternative health options, special programs like “Moms-to-Babies” and “Healthy Outlook,” and plenty of paid time off during which employees and their family members can take advantage of discounted and complimentary Hyatt hotel stays.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#27 Publix

Most employees at Publix spend work hours on their feet, but if GlassDoor.com ratings are to be believed, the majority of them don’t seem to mind so much: this employee-owned grocery store chain is one of the most highly rated places to work in the retail sector.
—Mark Lebetkin


#26 Intuit

Intuit has gained notoriety and several awards in the last five years. Their interest in the health and welfare of their employees landed them top awards from the Great Place to Work Institute, the Best Companies Group and the Human Rights Campaign.
—Diana Gerstacker


#25 Salesforce.com

It’s no surpise that Salesforce.com has been named as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for six years in a row. This company’s wellness program includes stellar perks like $100 per month that can be used towards fitness, weight loss, and nutritional services; its very own fully functioning gym; discounts on gym memberships and weight loss programs; and on-site kitchens stocked with nourishing snacks. It’s no wonder one GlassDoor.com reviewer wrote: “Everyday I'm looking forward to taking the shuttle to San Francisco to work with the team.”
—Katie Rosenbrock


#24 Rackspace

With an open floorplan in a converted shopping mall in San Antonio, Texas, the headquarters of this cloud computing company makes mall walkers out of “Rackers,” the name Rackspace gives its employees. Not only is an in-house gym and gym reimbursement standard, employees have a choice of four health plans, and have any number of active perks, depending on the office. In San Antonio, a slide—yes, an actual slide—can deliver workers to a play area where there’s ping pong and Nerf wars; in the San Francisco office there’s an in-house bicycle repair shop.
—Mark Lebetkin

Costco Wholesale

#23 Costco Wholesale

As the largest wholesale club operator in the U.S. Costco is able to offer many perks to their employees in house. With pharmacies in many locations employees have easy access to medication, vitamins and supplements. Costco’s benefits packages are offered to both part-time and full-time employees.
—Diana Gerstacker


#22 Chick-fil-A

Fast food and fitness don’t normally go hand in hand, but with a wooded 73-acre, Atlanta-based corporate campus complete with an on-site wellness center (featuring everything from free weights to cardio machines and even a volleyball court), a cafeteria with a salad bar that’s free to all employees every day, and flexible schedules that allow for exercise breaks (like a run through one of the campus’ scenic trails) during the workday, including Chick-fil-A on our list was basically a no-brainer.
—Katie Rosenbrock

Mayo Clinic

#21 Mayo Clinic

As the world’s largest medical research group, the Mayo Clinic is on the forefront of health and wellness—and that goes for its employees, too. Besides its in-house fitness centers and gym reimbursement benefit, Mayo’s LiveWell program can help employees coordinate wellness plans with some of the top health professionals in the field (a perk of working for a top research hospital). Employees also have access to leading-edge tobacco cessation and weight-loss programs.
—Mark Lebetkin


#20 NIKE

Nike is a natural fit on our list. Not only is the entire company about promoting fitness, but on-site fitness centers, fitness-related incentives and deep discounts on Nike gear make this an awesome company for the corporate athlete.
—Diana Gerstacker


#19 Qualcomm

Qualcomm is at the forefront of the mobile IT industry, and as a company it prides itself on a commitment to helping develop innovative mobile software for the health services industry. In an effort to practice what they preach, in 2011 the company’s employees initiated the Qualcomm Wireless Fitness Challenge, an internal completion designed to investigate the latest wireless technologies and their abilities to improve health and fitness. Participants tracked their progress in real-time using tools like Withings weight scales and BodyMedia FIT armbands to record activity and sleep levels, calorie burn amounts, and overall weight loss.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#18 Genentech

The list of perks this South San Francisco-based biotech firm offers its workers is nearly endless: on-site childcare, haircuts, carwashes and concierge services. But employees also stay fit through access to a free, state-of-the-art gym, Club Genentech, (contract employees have to pay a fee), and can use the campus bike routes or running trails to get there.
—Mark Lebetkin


#17 Wegmans

One of the most successful supermarket brands in the Northeast, Wegmans has been acknowledged on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. The company has implemented a program called “Eat Well, Live Well,” which aims to help employees eat healthier. The program features an online portal full of information on diets, workout plans and ways to measure progress.
—Diana Gerstacker

Intel Corporation

#16 Intel Corporation

One of GlassDoor.com’s Best Places to Work in 2014, Intel has long been regarded for dedicating resources to help keep their employees healthy and happy. In 2010 the company partnered with Core Performance to open a high-tech fitness center at their Chandler, Arizona campus. The gym features state-of-the-art exercise equipment—with embedded Intel technology, of course—and  was designed specifically to help inspire employees exercise more and keep better track of their health and fitness goals. In addition to their top-notch gym the company also provides more than-adequate medical and dental coverage plus access to a “Health for Life Three-Step Wellness Check”— an assessment package that includes a wellness coach who will create your very own personalized health program.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#15 Yahoo

Not to be outdone by its tech rivals, Yahoo pulls out all the stops on employee fitness: gym credits and fitness centers with trainers, boot camps, yoga and even massages; basketball and volleyball courts; on-site bike repairs and an organic farmers market; and unlimited sick days.
—Mark Lebetkin


#14 Nokia

Nokia is one of the tried and true cell phone companies whose products are regularly referenced on the web as being nearly indestructible. This company has weathered the storm of technological advancement and is still producing and hiring. Nokia employees work in a culture that emphasizes active public service and exploration. “Adventure shakes up the conventional so people can lead more interesting, exciting and richer lives,” says Nokia’s employment page.
—Diana Gerstacker


#13 MasterCard

Another of GlassDoor.com’s 25 Best Companies for Work-Life balance, MasterCard places an excellent emphasis on the health and wellness of its employees by providing pleasant work environments with flexible work hours. Some other benefits include comprehensive benefit plans, child care options, and partnerships with health and wellness providers that encourage employees to become more involved with health and fitness. One GlassDoor.com reviewer noted: ““The campus is nice, including a cafeteria, gym, and a few gaming areas.”
—Katie Rosenbrock


#12 FactSet

A global financial software company based in Connecticut, FactSet has the usual company fitness center and gym discounts—which is a good thing given the free breakfasts and lunches. It also offers on-site massages and acupuncture. But what really sets FactSet apart from similar companies is its commitment to work-life balance. “Working 8-hour days is the norm and your career will not suffer if you don't put in 60-hours,” wrote one employee on GlassDoor.com. That leaves ample time to stay active outside of working hours.
—Mark Lebetkin


#11 REI

Recreational Equipment Inc. was founded by a group of 23 mountain climbers with the goal of providing quality gear for the active lifestyle. Now, after 75 years and with 129 open stores, the company easily attracts some of the most fit and adventurous candidates. REI keeps their staff active with perks like major discounts on REI gear, free equipment rentals, and national discounts on fitness centers. At their headquarters in Washington employees have access to bike rentals, ultimate Frisbee, running, and classes like yoga and Cross Fit.
—Diana Gerstacker


#10 Chevron

Last year Chevron was named among Business Insider’s 50 Best Employers, and given their emphasized concern for the health and well-being of their employees it’s really no surprise why. A leading company in the energy and technology fields, Chevron is frequently recognized for offering its employees safe and healthy workplaces, competitive benefit packages including access to counseling services, on-site fitness centers and gym membership discounts, and work-life balance programs aimed at helping with stress management and self-care.
—Katie Rosenbrock

Southwest Airlines

#9 Southwest Airlines

Employees consistently name Southwest the best airline to work for, according to GlassDoor.com. Besides offering good pay and benefits in a struggling industry, Southwest gives employees, their spouses, children and parents unlimited free flights, as well as a limited number of guest passes and discounts with hotel and car rental partners. With a perk like this, every weekend has the potential to be an active vacation.
—Mark Lebetkin

SAS Institute

#8 SAS Institute

SAS is a software company dedicated to innovation and improved performance—those goals apply to their products and their employees. Flexible work schedules, on-site health care centers and a summer camp for school-age children round out a good work-life balance. SAS headquarters also features a full fitness center with an indoor pool.
—Diana Gerstacker


#7 MathWorks

This technical software company based in Natick, Massachusetts scored high on our list for appearing on both GlassDoor.com’s “Best Places to Work” and “Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance” lists in 2013 and 2014. MathWorks takes pride in its hardworking employees who embody the company’s success-driven core values but also know how to have a little bit of fun. Every Wednesday employees are welcome to a company-wide breakfast buffet and all are free to make use of the on-campus gym. “Comfortable work environment. Fun company culture. Great campus. Gym. Cafe. Solid benefits,” one Glass Door reviewer listed as cons about the company. Plus, on Fridays everyone gets free cookies, which some could argue is the opposite of healthy. But hey, at the end of the day it’s all about balance. And since when did a cookie ever kill anyone?
—Katie Rosenbrock


#6 NetApp

It’s fitting that a company that sponsors a professional cycling team would have a high-end 27,000-square foot fitness center, complete with cardio machines, free weights, multiple group fitness rooms, a basketball court and spa rooms with indoor waterfalls. The main Sunnyvale, California. campus also has plenty of outdoor space for employees to enjoy. Year after year employees rate this tech company one of the country’s best places to work, citing a favorable work-life balance in an industry famous for swallowing free time whole.
—Mark Lebetkin

Citrix Systems

#5 Citrix Systems

Citrix deals in wireless connectivity and offers employees unprecedented flexibility. Their offices feature cafes with fresh nutritious meals, they regularly host wellness events, and some health benefits are extended to families of employees.
—Diana Gerstacker

Slalom Consulting

#4 Slalom Consulting

Founded in 2001, Slalom provides information technology, business management, and financial consulting services to countless clients, and they do it unlike any other agency. Following a “work-where-you-live” policy, Slalom is frequently recognized as a top work-life balance company; a rarity in an industry known for arduous hours and endless amounts of travel. The company also places a high value on community, encouraging employees to take part in health-minded volunteer opportunities like climbing Mount Rainer for Charity, 5k “Walks for Water,” and sabbaticals dedicated to training for 100-mile mountain bike races. The company’s website reads: “We value our people. That’s why we give them the opportunity to take time off and pursue travel and adventures to recharge and reconnect. They bring back knowledge, experience, and a fresh perspective that benefit all of us.”
—Katie Rosenbrock


#3 Google

Google’s employee perks are the stuff of legend: free gourmet (and healthy) food whenever you want; a company gym to put other company gyms to shame; a campus bike sharing program; showers with towel service in case you’re sweaty from that ride or a mid-day run. Of course, when work is your life, it had better give you plenty of options to stay in shape.
—Mark Lebetkin

National Instruments

#2 National Instruments

National Instruments has been putting tools in the hands of scientists, engineers and innovators since 1976. They've found the secret to success lies within the health and wellbeing of their employees. To help their employees stay fit, NI has a professionally managed on-site fitness center. The gym is staffed with a physician, a nurse practitioner, a registered nurse and support staff. It is open 24 hours, seven days a week and stocked with equipment. In addition to the fitness center, NI offers wellness programs and a great benefits package, but they had us at the 24 hour fitness center.
—Diana Gerstacker


#1 Orbitz Worldwide

So obviously Orbitz offers its employees unbeatable travel perks, but it was their extensive list of additional health benefits and numerous reports of a relaxed work environment that earned this company the top spot on our list. In the office, Orbitz employees are offered free oatmeal and fruit every morning and they make use of the meditation room during breaks on a daily basis. On top of typical health care benefits, the company also provides fitness-forward perks like discounted gym memberships, in-office yoga classes, and paid time off for volunteer opportunities. ““The office environment is casual and fun [and] there are a lot of other amenities as well [like] ping pong tables in the break rooms,” one employee commented on GlassDoor.com.
—Katie Rosenbrock

50 Fittest Companies