5 Ways to Get Outside with Your Kids

From the backyard to the great outdoors, help your little one discover the best of what’s outside

You’ve read it in articles, seen it on the news and maybe you’ve seen it yourself—kids are becoming increasingly interested in electronics and, for many, it’s taking a toll on the time they spend outdoors. Not only is that having a negative effect on their fitness levels, but the absence of time spent outdoors is also having other negative physical and psychological effects.

Research has shown that time spent outside helps boost creativity, improve motor skills and further intellectual development. With so many benefits and so much to learn about nature, you’re probably looking for ways to get outside with your kids. We’ve compiled a short list to get you started.

Plant a Garden—Get your hands dirty and develop a green thumb, gardening is a great way to gain an appreciation for the natural world. In addition to getting outside, planting adds a bit physical activity to your day and is a perfect way to learn about the fruits and vegetables that grow from the earth. As a bonus, you might wind up with some of your own food after a few weeks.

Watch the Clouds—Return to your own childhood and relive the moments you spend in the grass, naming the shapes of the clouds. The only thing you need for this activity is a bit of imagination and a few of fluffy white clouds.

Camp Out—From your backyard to the great outdoors, camping can be customized to fit your comfort level and preference. There’s nothing like watching the vivid stars line the night sky or teaming up to pitch the tent, your kids will learn so much from an extended outing in nature and you might pick up a few things too.

Go on a Safari—Spotting wildlife is sure to be a highlight for any kid. Whether you stay close to home spotting whatever wildlife is around or you head out to one of the national parks for an organized excursion, it’s sure to be a blast.

Enjoy the Water—Take your little one to the ocean or lake this summer and let them explore. Paddle together in a kayak or canoe, cast a line and fish or simply swim, they’re sure to love the time spend in the water and in the summer it’s even more refreshing.