5 Warmest Gloves for Winter

5 Warmest Gloves for Winter

Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove

Our favorite rated glove for durability is also insanely cozy. One tester boasted that “You can enter a boxing ring with Holyfield with these gloves and all their protective reinforcements.” And with good reason—the Hestra vertical cut freeride glove offers up impregnated army leather with padded knuckles and neoprene cuffs to keep up in any cold weather fight.  Add that to the hand-assembled craftsmanship and Thermolite insulation and old man winter wouldn’t know what hit him. Find the Lowest Price on the Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove

FlyLow Gear Ridge Glove

Forty bucks may not get you too far in a resort town these days but it will get you these cold weather heroes. Our testers put the FlyLow Gear Ridge gloves through the wringer and they still came out roasty-toasty and with barely a scratch. The Heat Rac polyester insulation offers maximum cold-weather protection while the knit wrist helps to seal out any sneaky drafts under your jacket cuff. Find the Lowest Price on the FlyLow Gear Ridge Glove

Astis Kibo Glove

At the nexus of style and warmth lives Astis, our new favorite when it comes to keeping your extremities tempered in old school swagger. The classic, hand-stitched design of these gloves hides Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft insulation under silicon-injected suede to keep your hands warm, dry and fresh to death.  It’s no wonder these are a favorite in pro circles. Find the Lowest Price on the Astis Kibo Glove

Dakine Raptor Glove

That’s right: you can tweet, text and insta-whatever all winter long when you wear these bad boys. The TouchTec leather palm and fingers let you fiddle with your touchscreen phones and media players to your heart’s content while the PrimaLoft insulation adds warmth without all the bulk. This make the Dakine Raptor Glove the go-to gift for this season as well. Find the Lowest Price on the DAKINE Raptor Glove

Marmot Lifty Glove

Hours of handling cold steel in frigid conditions is no picnic, especially when it’s your job. That’s why Marmot looked to the often overlooked lifty glove when they wanted to design a seriously burly glove. As tough as your favorite go-to work gloves, this pair boasts a high-performance nylon twill shell enhanced with reinforced knuckles for protection from the elements. The Lifty also sports MemBrain, a proprietary polyurethane film that’s windproof and waterproof, yet still breathable so your hand stays warm and dry all day—even if it’s not your job. Find the Lowest Price on the Marmot Lifty Glove