5 Triathlon Camps to Help You Crush the Competition

When solo training gets tough, escape to one of these awesome camps

Seasoned triathletes know to see continued success, their training needs to last through the off-season. Breaking for winter is like pushing the reset button on your progress and come race day it will be noticeable. That said, it’s not easy to fight through the plummeting temperatures and feet upon feet of snow—when motivation dips and solo training gets tough, a triathlon camp might be the answer.

The Cycling House Triathlon Training Camp
The cycling house is fundamentally different than any other destination training camp, because even when you’re far from home you can still enjoy the comfort and community of their house in Tucson. That was the original concept—taking athletes out of impersonal hotel rooms and putting them in a comfy community space. Now in their 10th season, the Cycling House has expanded offering a variety of incredible training trips at home and abroad. Right now triathletes can train in the warmth of Tucson, Ariz., Solvang, Calif. or all the way out in Mallorca, Spain. Their camps sell out quick, so if you’re thinking about signing up, it’s a good idea to do so as soon as possible.

QT2 Lake Placid Training Camp
Train for your next competition in Lake Placid, the home of Ironman USA. The QT2 camp includes Q&A sessions with coaches, a discussion led by Pat Wheeler and, of course, rigorous training in one of the best atmospheres in the country. QT2 also offers other camps in Florida, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Triple Threat Tough Texas Training Camp
This three-day camp from Triple Threat Tough is well-suited for triathletes of all skill levels. Their routes and regimens are great preparation for full or half Iron man races, but they can adjust for triathletes who don’t have as much experience, too. Triple Threat Tough also offers camps in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Discomfort Zone Boulder Experience Triathlon Camp
When it comes to altitude training you can’t get much better than the Boulder Experience Triathlon Camp with Discomfort Zone. The outdoors culture of Boulder combined with great coaching make for a great camp experience. Discomfort Zone also offers a camp in Asheville, North Carolina.

Purplepatch SF Tri Training Camp
Set in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, this camp is run by professional Purplepatch coaches Paul Buick and Matt Dixon, who also happens to be the founder. The camp, held with a small group for personalized attention, focuses on more than just training. Purplepatch emphasizes the importance of nutrition and recovery—and makes it a point to educate triathletes on how to make the right choices.