2014 has been yet another year with major natural disasters striking various cities all over the world. The best way to survive in that kind of emergency is to be prepared to survive enough time to get help. You don’t need to go through special survival training, just find shelter and equip it with everything you will need to survive until you are saved.  To help you get started, here are five great tips for preparing for natural disaster or other kind of emergency situation.

Prepare Water

Water is essential to any human, so this is the first thing you need to prepare for surviving emergency situation. On average a person needs one gallon of water per day, so you need to consider that when shopping for supplies. Experts suggest that you should keep two week supply of water at home and at enough for at least 3 days when being evacuated. People can survive a lot of time without food, but not without water – even the first few hours of thirst can feel incredibly terrible.

Supply with Food

The amount of food you should keep stocked, according to experts must be enough to help you survive for at least 2 weeks. When shopping you will be able to choose from wide variety of canned and dried foods, you can even get a list with items you will find at every grocery store in this emergency shopping list by the Grocery Coupon Network.

Once you have your food supply in place, remember to check the expiration dates of the products on annual or semi-annual basis. Although, most items, especially canned ones can last a lot more than their expiration date, you might want to consider replacing these to keep your food supply as fresh as possible.

Find Shelter

When I say shelter, this doesn’t necessarily mean a hidden bunker in remote location (actually, it depends for what kind of emergency you are preparing for), but instead a safe place where you can reside until the emergency over. Most of the time your shelter will be your home, so you need to have it ready for such emergency situations.

Emergency Equipment

No emergency shelter is complete without proper equipment. Some of the things you will most definitely need to survive an emergency situation are first aid kit, flashlight with extra batteries, warm clothing and a camping stove. You will also need a map of the surrounding area and compass or other navigational tools, so that you can figure your way out when needed.

Something to do

For longer emergencies, like hurricanes, you will need something to do until the danger is gone. You face long hours in the shelter, with no option to get out, so you definitely need to consider bringing some books or playing cards to kill time. Even for shorter emergencies that last between 48 and 78 hours, bringing board games or other fun things to do, will help you overcome a lot of the stress related with the situation. 

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