The 5 Stages of Running a Half Marathon

Five phases every runner experiences during the half marathon

Last week as I was getting ready for my 12th half marathon in 13 days, I realized I think the same things every.single.time.

Stage 1 (weeks before the race)
I LOVE half marathons! I want to run as many as I can this year! I’m going to sign up for every local race and a few more that aren’t local.

Stage 2 (the night before the race up until the start line) 
Why the heck did I sign up for ANOTHER race?
I hate half marathons.  They are so long. I’m so tired. I can’t run THAT far.

Stage 3 (first few miles)
OK, just run easy. Don’t push yourself. Take it one mile at a time. It’s OK if you walk later, just get through this mile.

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