5 Snowboarders You Need to Watch this Season

From international competition to top boarding films, these athletes are the ones to watch this winter

Scott Stevens getting some air

Scott Stevens

Repeatedly dubbed the most creative boarder out there, Scott Stevens isn’t only making the tricks his own, he’s turning over all the terrain too. The boarder has made appearances in a handful of great films and is well known for his one-foot tricks. You need to see this guy in action.

Jamie Anderson

Anderson made Americans proud this past February when she took gold in Sochi on the Olympic debut slopestyle event. The Tahoe native is no stranger to the spotlight; she is the youngest athlete to have won a Winter X-Games medal and has dominated the slopestyle scene. Coming off the huge win in Sochi, It’ll be exciting to see what she has in store for this season.

Sage Kotsenburg

Slopestyle King Sage Kotsenburg snagged the men's gold medal for slopestyle in Sochi, giving the Americans a winning sweep. Boarding since age five and competing on an international stage since 12, Kotsenburg has taken medals in slopestyle events all over the world. At only 21 years old, he has a big year ahead, this is one boarder you won’t want to miss.

Kelly Clark

This American boarder has been crushing it for years, snagging a spot on 23 podiums before she even turned 18. More recently, Clark has been a fixture at the X-Games (taking gold nine times) and has been to four Winter Olympic Games (winning one gold and two bronze medals). Today she has 70 halfpipe competition wins under her belt, more than any other man or woman in history and she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Mark Sollors

Self-described professional snowboarder and amateur sandwich eater, Sollors is a fan of big air and he isn’t too picky about how he gets it. His segments in big boarding films has gotten him some major attention and earned him the title “Rookie of the Year” from Transworld Snowboarding. Be sure to check out his footage and keep an eye on this easygoing Canadian shredder.

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