5 Reasons You SHOULD Wait Until the New Year to Get In Shape

Maybe waiting until January 1st is the better choice

Sure, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to get in shape, but if we’re all being honest then we can’t ignore the fact it’s pretty easy to make a case for the other side of the argument, too.

Don’t get us wrong, your health is important and it should never be neglected. But there’s also nothing wrong with treating yourself to a break and putting a few new fitness goals off until after the holidays.

Here are a few (pretty) good reasons why.

1. Because you’ve worked hard all year and you deserve a break.

2. Because spending time with your family means you already have enough stress to deal with. 

3. Because you can get a better deal on your gym membership in January. 

4. Because honestly, who wants to worry about their diet at a time like this?

5. Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year and you’ll do what you damn well please.