5 Reasons Running Sucks

It keeps you healthy, but at what cost?

Don’t get us wrong. Running is wonderful. Obviously here at The Active Times it’s one of our favorite sports, and for many different reasons. But that doesn’t mean we can’t admit that it also kind of sucks sometimes.

I mean there’s got to be a reason why there are so many pop culture references (see gif examples below) addressing the subject, right?

So although we do love to run, here are just a few reasons why it can be a pretty sucky sport.

1. It’s evil.

It sucks you in and then never lets you back out.

2. Sometimes it feels impossible.

3. Is there even a purpose?

4. It doubles your laundry.

And makes it much smellier, too.

5. It’s a whole lot of work just to stay healthy.

There must be an easier way.

Moral of the story: if you’re friends ever ask you to go running with them, just say no.

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