5 Post-Workout Accessories You Need in Your Gym Bag

Recover and refuel with these items you can easily stash in your duffel

1. Action Wipes

No time for a shower after the gym? No worries. Perfect for busy days when you’re not quite sure how you’ll fit a workout in, Action Wipes reduce transition time by allowing you to work out, wipe down and get on with your day.
$16.85-$25.00; actionwipes.com

2. Blender Bottle

With its stainless steel Blender Ball for thorough mixing, GripperBars™ for easy holding and a StayOpen™ flip cap for hassel-free drinking, Blender Bottle is the must-have protein shaker for post-workout re-fueling. Just don’t forget to pack your protein powder, too.
$9.99; blenderbottle.com

3. Fabletics Autsin Wrap

Effortlessly transition from sport to street, and look good doing it too. This chic wrap from Fabletics will have your friends questioning whether or not you really just came from the gym. (So make sure to take one or two selfies while you’re there. Pics or it didn’t happen.)
$39.95; fabletics.com

4. Moji 360 Mini Massager

Show your sore muscles some love with this compact, easy-to-use handheld massager from Moji. We’ve tested it out ourselves and can say with confidence that its tiny rotating spheres are a dream come true for sore spots.
$29.95; gomoji.com

5. ProTings

Not a fan of protein shakes or sugar-filled protein bars? Not a problem. There are plenty of other ways to re-feed your muscles while you’re on the go. Our new favorite protein-packed recovery snack? ProTings: chips made with plant-based protein sources and other non-GMO, vegan ingredients like flax seeds and sunflower oil. The Chili Lime chips are our favorite, but they also come in Sea Salt and Tangy Southern BBQ.
$21.00 for a 4oz. pack of six; protings.com