5 Luxe Gear Pieces for Cushy Camping

This gear brings big-time creature comforts to the woods

Therma-a-Rest Luxurylite Cot

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of comfort while camping. When backpacking, for instance, most people try to limit the weight they carry by packing only the bare essentials: a small tent, a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag. At other times, however, you have the option to get creative. If you’re car camping, setting up a tent in your backyard or in another situation where weight is not an issue, options abound for creating a downright luxurious living environment. Here are a few great products to use to create your own outdoor haven.

Therma-a-Rest Luxurylite Cot
If you want to be up off the tent floor (e.g. the ground), but not so high that sitting up is a chore, this lightweight, easy-to-deploy cot is your answer. It's comfortable, airy thanks to its mesh bed and works well even on rocky, swampy or uneven ground. Buy one here for $230.

Tempur-Pedic Travel Sleeping Pad and Pillow
Make sure to check the weather report before packing this piece of gear. If there’s no chance of rain, or if you’re using it combined with the cot above, this is one of the best ways to catch a good night’s sleep outdoors. Lay the Tempurpedic on the bottom of your tent or on top of your blow-up sleeping pad and you’ll have extra warmth and comfort throughout the night. Buy it here for $370.

Hot Water Bottle
It’s small and simple, but a hot water bottle can make all the difference when you’re curled up in your tent on a chilly night. Boil some water, pour it in, close the cap and toss the bottle into the bottom of your sleeping bag. Buy one here for $19.

Alite Mantis Camping Chair
Sitting around the campfire just got way more comfortable. This tiny, feather-light camp chair keeps you off the ground and provides ample back support while you’re playing campfire songs, telling stories or chatting with friends. Buy one here for $120.

Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove
When weight is not an issue, this classic stove makes cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner a lot easier than your dinky backpacking stove. The extra burner on the Coleman stove, along with the wind shield, means you can make your meals faster—a huge bonus after a long hike or a day running around on the beach. In the morning, you can use one side for your coffee pot and the other for a big batch of oatmeal. Buy one here for $42.54.