5 Incredibly Innovative Bicycle-Powered Machines

Pedal your power with these innovative bicycles

Bicycles are the greenest, most efficient way to get from one place to another. Why not bring that concept to other off-the-grid tasks and use the pedals to power. 

Bicycle Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing just became quick and easy with this Bicycle Lawn Mower. These bikes are hard to find for sale, but are usually made by innovative thinkers right at home.

Bicycle Blender

Keep healthy with some exercise and a smoothie. Or treat yourself to a tasty margarita. Whatever your pleasure, no electricity is needed with a Bicycle Blender. This specific model, the Fender Blender Pro is available from Rock the Bike for $1,700.

Bicycle Washing Machine

If only we could all be as innovative as the engineer who put this concept together. The pedal-powered washing machine is made with a Maytag tub and gears, powered by pedals and a 16” bike wheel.

Bicycle Coffee Machine

Ever thought about opening your own coffee business? Well, with Velopresso you can take your coffee shop on-the-go, and power your espresso machine without electricity. Just add beans, and run a successful business by pedaling your way through it.

Bicycle-Powered Desk

This new and innovative desk allows you to pedal for power. Take your work off-grid, and generate 100 watts of electricity. The smooth pedaling can also pump 5 gallons of water per minute, grind a variety of grains, operate an air compressor, hydraulic pump, and variety of small shop tools.

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