5 Hiking Gear Deals From EMS Under $100

Hike comfortably with great deals on gear from EMS

EMS Zenith Daypack, $89.99

This lightweight traditional top-loader pack is perfect for the trail. With plenty of clips, pockets and sleeves to store all of your essenntials this comfortable bag is a great addition to an overnight or couple day hiking trip. 

EMS Wanderer Hydration Pack, $79.20

Another great option for a day pack is the EMS Wanderer Hydration Pack. While this may not hold quite as many  of your essentials, its 3-liter source water reservoir is a helpful addition when hiking gets intensive. The pack itself is lightweight and breathable and a great bag for an uphill workout.

EMS Solstice Sleeping Bag, $99

EMS wants to keep you warm on the trail, and their 20 degree sleeping bag is just the ticket. For a great price this mummy-shaped sleeping bag is lightweight, durable, and has a two-layer construction that provides cozy warmth when you really need it.

EMS Hobo Sleeping Pad, $59

Along with a comfortable sleeping bad, you need a cushioned sleeping pad. Not only does it provide extra comfort, but also added insulation for warmth. This particular sleeping bad is lightweight, durable, and self inflates when rolled out, a great addition to your hiking pack.

EMS Mountain Chair, $35

Hiking can be exhausting. That's why having an easy, lightweight seating option available can be quite the life saver. This mountain chair is compact and easy to bring along on your trip, but will add support and comfort to your cozy campfires or resting breaks.

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