5 Fitness Trends You Should Try in 2015

Center your year around fitness with these fun exercise and diet tools

I know, I know, you’re getting tired of hearing about New Year’s resolutions, diet detoxes and the “New You”. These topics are almost unavoidable during the month of January (or at least for the first two weeks of the year).

But, if you have a resolution that you’re vying to keep, specifically in the realm of health and fitness, you’re not only going to need a solid plan that will lead you to reach your goal, but some tools that can offer a helping hand along the way.

This can be anything from a gym buddy to work out with to an app that helps you keep a food diary in your phone. The resources available these days are almost endless, but the following five (mostly new) tools and trends happen to be a few of our favorites for 2015.

1. DietBet
Don’t think too hard about this one, it’s exactly what it sounds like. DietBet helps to motivate your weight loss goals by making you put your money where your mouth is. The idea is to use some friendly competition and group motivation to help make losing weight fun.

It works like this: on DietBetter.com you can join an existing “game” or create a new one with your friends. Each “player” puts money into the pot (the more people who play, the higher the stakes). Everyone logs their starting weight (with a video or picture). You then have four weeks to lose four percent of your starting weight. At the end, the pot is split between everyone in the game who reached their goal.

2. Obstacle Races
You’ve likely heard a friend or co-worker bragging about that Tough Mudder they recently finished, so why not make 2015 the year that you can finally join that conversation? Getting in shape for an obstacle race takes some serious work, which makes it the perfect piece of motivation you’ll need to jump-start your  fitness routine for the New Year.

Not sure where to start?

First, check out America’s Best Adventure Races so you can decide which to sign up for. Then learn how to train. And when you’re almost ready for race day, you can read about everything you’ll need to know to survive the course.  

3. ClassPass
If you love trying new workouts on the regular or are simply in search of a fresh way to revamp your fitness routine for the New Year, ClassPass is the easy answer to all of your exercise prayers. For $99 per month, ClassPass users can attend unlimited classes at studios in the boutique fitness network (note: there is a 3-time limit on visits to the same studio in a month).

4. DailyBurn
Whether going to the gym just really isn’t your jam, or your busy on-the-go schedule makes it hard to find time for exercise, DailyBurn will help solve all of your workout woes; the $12.95 per month subscription service offers 24/7 access to a variety of different workouts designed by elite trainers. Custom exercise plans are created to keep users excited and engaged so that boredom will never become an excuse not to exercise. Plus, to complete the package, membership also offers access to community support and nutritional guidance.

5. Weight Watchers
OK, Weight Watchers isn’t new to the weight loss scene, but the reason it’s still around is because it’s worked for so many people. Plus, with its new customized features, like personal coaching and 24/7 chat support, the old-school diet planning program has reentered the game as a valuable tool for dieters in a digital world.