5 Energizing Snacks for On-The-Go Athletes

Tasty, take-with-you snack ideas that will keep you energized and satisfied through the day

Athletes tend to be busy people.

Whether it’s waking up early to get in that early-morning workout before taking on the rest of the day, heading to the gym after you’ve knocked everything else off of your to-do list, or squeezing your day’s workout in somewhere in between, making sure that you’ll have time for training requires quite a bit of planning ahead.

And so does making sure that you have the proper fuel for optimal performance and recovery.

Since you’re on the go often, you need nutritious snacks that are portable and easy to pack, and that can keep you satisfied and energized for the long haul.

Below, check out five tasty, take-with-you snack ideas, including suggestions from Maria Menounos, E! News host and author of “The EveryGirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness.” 

1. Go Greek: If you’ll have somewhere cool to store it, Greek yogurt with blueberries and slivered almonds is a favorite snack for Menounos when she has a few moments to sit down for a bite.

2. Don’t forget about fresh fruit: Bananas and apples—both hassle-free on-the-go snacks— are Menounos’ favorite fruits. Grapes, cut-up melon, oranges and berries also make for great easy-to-pack snacks.  

3. Get a little nutty: “My go-to snack rule—I make sure to carry baggies filled with almonds in my bag and even in the cup holders of my car, so I always have something to keep me full, even when I am on-the-go,” Menounos said. Peanuts, walnuts, pecans and many other nut varieties all make excellent on-the-go snacks. Plus, a recent study found that they may help to increase longevity.

4. DIY energy bars: Many at-home energy bar recipes don’t even require baking. For example, you can mix rolled oats, almonds, almond butter, honey and dried cranberries, press the mixture into a flat baking dish, refrigerate it overnight and then cut the chilled mold into single-serving squares that you can easily pack and take on the go.

5. Amazing almond butter: On busy mornings when she doesn’t have time to sit down for breakfast, Menounos grabs almond butter and a piece of fruit. Almond butter pairs best with bananas and apples, but it also makes a great spread for rice cakes or crackers.