5 of the Coolest CamelBak Water Bottles

Keep your water fresh, clean, and cold with these unique CamelBak bottles

The Groove, $20

Never worry about the quality of your tap water. The Groove has a built-in filtration system that removes the taste and odor from the tap water you sip. Get that same fresh taste you get from store-bought plastic water bottles every time you fill up from the sink.

Podium Ice, $25

The Podium Ice is CamelBak’s latest bottle. It has ultimate insulation powers to keep your water cold four times longer than an average water bottle. The 21oz bottle is built for your bike, at the perfect size for easy storage.

eddy Glass, $25

Sometimes all you want is a glass of water. Now you can take your glass anywhere with the eddy water bottle. It’s easier to clean, won’t retain odors or taste, and is wrapped in a silicone sleeve to add protection.

Chute, $14

The famous CamelBak bite and sip nozzle isn’t for everyone. If you want easy water access, and in larger amounts, the Chute is just the bottle for you. The ergonomic high-flow spout is angled specially for efficient hydration. There’s even a comfortable lip seal and leak proof cap that twists off in half a turn.

All Clear, $99

When you are hitting backcountry or without a reliably clean water source, this purification system can be a life saver. The All Clear utilizes UV technology that has been proven to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants to EPA standards. The LCD screen confirms your purification results in just 60 seconds, so you can quickly have safe drinking water when you need it most. 

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