The 5 Best Street Bikes of 2013

Get around in style with these road-ready, two-wheeled townies
Staff Writer

We all know that getting around town—whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or just heading out to the bar to meet friends—is better on a bike. It gives you exercise, saves cash on automobile gas and transit fares and, in a small way, saves the planet (which sort of makes you a superhero…commence patting self on back). Here are five sweet machines that will move you around faster, with better fashion, more function and, well, more fun than the competition. Check 'em out, and tell us what we missed.

Traitor Ruben 2.0
Fast is fun. Add some fun to your day with the Traitor Ruben 2.0, a well priced, steel-framed Cyclocross bike built with the urban commute in mind. Disc brakes and puncture-resistant 28c tires round out a package that can handle whatever conditions the city dishes out.
Type: Street/Cyclocross
Frame: Steel
Weight: 26 pounds (53cm)
—Kristin Butcher

Dahon Speed D7

Sometimes the trip is too long to make by bike alone. Thanks to the Dahon Speed D7’s ultra-compact folding design, making the connection between your destination and the transit station, or parking lot, or even airport, is possible by bike. Fenders, racks and smart component choices keep you looking and feeling fresh.
Type: Street/Folding
Frame: 4130 CroMoly Steel
Weight: 29.3 pounds
—Kristin Butcher

Surly Big Dummy

Most bikes can get you from point A to point B with relative ease, but the Surly Big Dummy lets you bring the kids, groceries, or even a spare bike along for the ride. The long wheelbase puts you in the center of the bike, creating a super stable ride that’s fun for carving the local bike path.
Type: Street/Cargo
Frame: Steel
Weight: 42.4 pounds (large)
—Kristin Butcher

Specialized Globe Daily 3
The ideal commuter bike has a basket, kickstand, fenders, and enough gears to comfortably get you up the hills in your town. The Specialized Globe Daily 3 has all this plus a healthy dollop of style. Puncture-resistant tires and internal gearing assure that this bike is ready to go when you are.
Type: Street/Commuter
Frame: Aluminum
Weight: 32.04 pounds (medium)
—Kristin Butcher

Transition Klunker
A good first step to a happy life is to ride the Transition Klunker—which, its makers enthuse, "represents a giant leap backwards in mountain bike technology"—everywhere you go. One speed, one brake, and slack geometry combine to create a human-powered grin generator that can overcome dismal quarterly reports or a bad night’s sleep in a few simple pedal strokes. One size keeps it simple.
Type: Street/Mountain Bike/Downhill
Frame: CroMoly Steel
Weight: 32 pounds
—Kristin Butcher

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