The 5 Best Fiber-Filled Superfoods

Fiber keeps you full, and these highly nutritious foods are filled with it

Not only does fiber have the ability to help you lose weight, but a diet that regularly includes the right amount of fiber can also help to protect against heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Are You Eating Enough Fiber?
Women should aim to consume 21 to 25 grams daily and men 30 to 38 grams.

While you’ve probably heard about or come across fiber supplements that promise to help you manage your weight and curb cravings, for the most part, obtaining this nutrient (and most others) through food is the best way to reap its advantages.

What foods should you eat more of? According to nutritional data from The World’s Healthiest Foods, the following “superfoods” are some of the best and most nutritional sources of fiber in the world.

1. Navy, Pinto and Black Beans
19, 15 and 14 grams of fiber per one-cup serving respectively
Also good sources of: protein, folate, manganese and vitamin B1
(Photo Credit: Flickr/cookbookman)

2. Lentils
15.6 grams of fiber per one-cup serving
Also a good source of: protein, folate and iron
(Photo Credit: Flickr/pawel_pacholec)

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3. Avocado
10 grams of fiber per one-cup serving
Also a good source of: vitamins K, B6, E and C, potassium and folate

4. Barley
10.6 grams of fiber per 0.33-cup serving
Also a good source of: manganese, selenium and vitamins B1 and B3

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5. Raspberries & Blackberries
About 8 grams of fiber per one-cup serving
Also good sources of: vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese
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