5 All-Terrain Approach Shoes

5 All-Terrain Approach Shoes

The Dragontail is built with progressive randing for optimum protection, and its forefoot flex is enhanced by lateral scoring to offer a more natural stride. It's also sold in a Gore-Tex option.

With its minimal-leaning design and materials, the Crux is light and nimble. Kevlar webbing holds the forefoot snugly for precision footing. As a bonus, an eco-friendly EVA additive breaks the midsole down in 20 years (rather than 1,000); this is very good news for landfills.

The Xplorer's all-synthetic upper doesn’t stretch over time, and holds its structural integrity for the life of the shoe. Randed toes offer excellent edging and control for moderate climbs and mixed terrain.

Truest to the approach ethos, the Cragmaster has a lugged Vibram® Idagrip sole for exceptional grip for scrambling and moderate climbs, while a bellows tongue keeps out sand and small rocks.

This workhorse shoe is very abrasion resistant. A special heel retention system staves off blisters on longer approaches, and the lacing system and EVA midsole provide comfort and stability for big descents and complex terrain.