5 Absurdly Difficult Push-ups

Ultimate goals in upper body strength and flexibility

When most people think of fitness goals they think of running a mile in a number of minutes, they think of lifting a certain amount of weight, maybe even completing a marathon or a triathlon. For the few insane and talented people in the videos, their goal was clearly to impress millions of people online.

If you’re looking to improve your upper body strength, or in some of these cases, the strength in your entire body, than a push-up is a great choice. A general push-up is one of the standard moves because it’s effective and can easily be modified. Regardless of your ability, there is a push-up that you can do right now. That push-up probably isn’t one of these, but let this serve as motivation—scary motivation.

Because who knew you could cause permanent bodily damage being just a foot off the ground? Well, it looks like that’s a possibility in some of these videos. As always, work within your ability and progress slowly. Be careful, we wouldn’t advise trying these at home but we would suggest watching.

5 Two Finger Push-ups

You can thank Bruce Lee for this killer push-up.

When doing this, positioning will be slightly different for everyone depending on their body. Get into a push-up position, place your index finger and thumb wherever it will best support your weight and complete the push-up.

4 Planche Push-ups

For this push-up you’ll need to place your hands somewhere near your hips and your fingertips should be pointing away from your body. It’s easiest to start laying flat on your stomach. Get your chest up first and using your abs pull your toes off the floor. As if that wasn’t hard enough—lower your chest back down while keeping your legs in the air and repeat for the full exercise. 

3 One-arm handstand push-ups

For this monster of a push-up, practice with the help of a wall and get the two-handed version down first.

2 90-degree Push-ups

In order to do this one, you’ll need to do a handstand first. Next you’ll have to have the ability to slowly lower your legs with total control, don’t let them touch the ground. From there it’s essentially a planche push-up, but to complete the rep you’ll need to get your body back up into a headstand position.

1 Aztec Push-Up

Start in regular push-up position, lower yourself down then use your arms to shoot up into the air. While in the air, touch your fingers to your toes while keeping your legs straight and land as gently as you can. “Gently” means without breaking your face.