4 Ways to Avoid a Scorching Burn this Summer

Tips for keeping your skin healthy and safe from the sun

Summer is just about here and that means the sun will be out in full force soon enough. While many outdoor athletes and adventurers will welcome the sunshine and warm weather, they’ll also be opening themselves up to the sun’s rays.

Though limited exposure to the sun can be beneficial to your health, too much can be harmful. Follow these tips to enjoy your summer outdoors without suffering a scorching burn.

Stay out of the midday sun. The strongest sunlight (and quickest burns) usually occurs between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., try your best to limit your exposure to direct sunlight during those times.

Find Shade. If you’ll be outside during peak hours it’s best to find shade. Lounge under an umbrella at the beach or sit beneath a tree in the park to enjoy the outdoors while protecting your skin.

Dress for the sun. a protective hat or visor and a pair of UV sunglasses will go a long way in protecting your head and neck, but be mindful of the parts that aren’t usually protected (your ears and the back of your neck). Clothing made to protect you from the sun might also be a good idea; in general you want to wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing that covers your arms for the best protection.

Use sunscreen as a last resort. That’s right, sunscreen should be your last line of defense, according to the Environmental Working Group. Even the very best types of sunscreen let in harmful rays at the very end of the spectrum, so sunscreen should be treated as the last line of defense. Be sure to reapply often, use enough to cover your body and use it every day.

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