4 Tips for Staying Fit While You Travel

Expert advice from a world traveler and fitness fanatic

Sticking to a workout routine and keeping up with healthy eating habits while traveling is not an easy deed, even for the most avid fitness fans. That's why Amanda (a runner, personal trainer, and frequent traveler) reached out to Ryan Gargiulo to collect some expert tips. 

Ryan is a world traveler, fitness fanatic, and full-time blogger at Pause The Moment. He's currently working on mastering the art of slow travel and living life to the fullest all day, every day. 

How would you define your travel style?
If you had asked me this back in 2008, I would have defined myself as a "budget traveler" or "backpacker". Back then, I was on a mission to see as many places as possible in the shortest amount of time. Looking back on it makes me cringe! It wasn't travel, it was more of a whirlwind than anything else.

Nowadays, I prefer slow travel. Slow travel allows you to settle into specific destinations for a certain period of time and really get a feel for what it's like to be a local of sorts. Of course, everyone has their own personal definition of what slow travel is but I would define it as spending time living and traveling around an area or region for a period of 1-6 months.

How do you incorporate being active into your trips?
When we arrive in a new destination we usually try to avoid using public transportation and use our legs instead. We tend to walk as much possible in order to get to know the city and our surroundings and in turn we sometimes end up walking 6, 7, even 8 miles in a day. When we're not out wandering around on foot, we're usually busy creating HIIT and bodyweight based workouts that we can do just about anywhere.

What was your best active travel tip?
Challenge yourself to avoid using public transport and/or rental cars the next time you visit a city. Use what you've got. You know, those strong, sexy legs of yours!

Click here to try one of Ryan's workouts.

How do you find healthy food options in brand new cities?
Hands down, the best way to find healthy food options when visiting new cities is to find out where the nearest grocery store is located.

Trust me, every city has about 300 of them and chances are they have everything that you would find in your local grocery store back home. There's nothing better than having the ability to choose what goes into your body versus being forced to eat something you might not really enjoy just because it's convenient.

This story was originally published on runtothefinish.com

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