4 Reasons to Run with a Friend

Why you should only run solo sometimes

When you think of team sports, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Football, baseball, hockey, soccer? No doubt you could even name a few more, but chances are you definitely wouldn’t mention running.

Most runners throw on their gear, lace up their shoes, pop in their ear buds and embark on their workouts alone. There's nothing wrong with this, many runners enjoy the sport for its solitude.

What many runners don't realize, though, is that every workout doesn't have to be completed alone. Running with a friend or a group can help improve your performance, make the sport more fun, and even help you learn a thing or two.

Before your next solo run, consider calling up a friend and inviting them along for the following reasons.

1. More Motivation
Think about it; how much harder would it be for you to bail on your workout when you know someone else is waiting on you? Agreeing to meet up with a friend will keep you accountable and motivated. No one likes to disappoint their buddies.

2. Increase Speed
You know that one runner friend of yours who's so speedy that it makes you wonder whether he spends time training with the Kenyans? Well even though the thought of trying to keep up with him or her might make you want to hurl, tagging along for one of their workouts every now and then could be just the thing you need to improve your speed.

Maybe you won’t be able to keep up with their pace completely, but if your goal is to get faster, working to keep up with your quicker comrade can help push you outside of your comfort zone.

3. Pick Up Tips
Whether you’ve been running for years or just started yesterday, there’s always something new you can learn about the sport. Every runner has a different perspective to share and spending time out on the road with others who love the sport will open your mind to a whole new wealth of knowledge.

Plus, it can't hurt to pick the brains of your buddies who are a bit speedier in order to find out some of their best training tips and tricks. 

4. Team Work
You know those days when your legs are heavy, your heart isn’t in it, and running even just two miles can feel like an eternity? Well, when the going gets tough, recruit your friends to support and encourage you. (And of course, return the favor by doing the same for them.)

Not only will hitting the road with one of your pals help the time pass by more quickly but hopefully they’ll also be able to provide you with a morale boost when you need it, especially when it  comes to those last few miles of a long training run.