4 Awesome (and Free) Online Workout Programs

Fitness video bloggers are turning PCs into personal trainers

What started as a farewell workout video to her Pilates students in California became Cassey Ho’s path to internet stardom. Soon after moving to Boston, Ho discovered her online videos could be even more successful than the classes she had taught in person. Within a few months, she had created a YouTube fitness series called Blogilates—a channel that now has more than 600,000 subscribers and 49 million views.

Thanks to the series, Ho was elected one of YouTube’s "Next Trainers," won the Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012 award from Fitness Magazine and was voted the No. 2 Most Influential Online Personality by Sharecare. Her videos are free and available on her YouTube channel and her website, which also includes blog posts, a workout calendar, meal plans, recipes, inspirational stories and a Blogilates shop with custom fitness clothes and accessories.

Ho isn’t alone in her internet-based success. With an increasing number of fitness series trending on social media sites, more and more trainers are building their (sometimes entirely) digital brands. The reasons are simple and compelling: The programs are free, they can be done from the privacy of home, and there's a constant flow of new information, in contrast to the average workout DVD.

If you’re interested in more online workouts, check out the following popular bloggers:

Scott Herman Fitness
The 2010 winner of “Best Abs on the East Coast” and "Real World Brooklyn" cast member, Scott Herman helps his followers with “everything from fat loss to muscle gain and endurance training.” Some of his videos cover dos and don’ts, while others will have you sore and sweating. His videos are great for anyone who wants to learn proper form.

Fitness Blender
This site is run by a husband and wife team, Daniel and Keli, who believe that “fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their income.” The duo provides workouts for all fitness levels, most of which do not require special equipment. For fat loss, they have a detailed eight-week home program. They also provide information on how many calories their workouts burns, what muscle groups are used, and how often you should do the routine.

Tone It Up
Two female trainers motivate and inspire other women to live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle. You can usually catch Karena and Katrina in their bikinis at the beach performing a variety of workouts for toning and getting you “bikini ready.” They also have a special wedding series with “Bridal Babe Routines” for those preparing for the big day.