4 Expert Tips for Healthy Summer Travel

Wellness travel expert Dena Roché shares her top tips for maintaining health

Summer is the time for flights to far flung places, road trips around the country and breaking up the monotony of your everyday life with some relaxation and a bit of indulgence. Though your vacation is most definitely a time to enjoy yourself, it doesn’t mean you have to completely lose sight of your health and fitness goals.

No one knows that better than wellness travel expert, creator of The Travel Diet and co-founder of Wellness Travel Media Dena Roché. After visiting six continents and countless countries, Roché has extensive first-hand experience maintaining a healthy lifestyle away from home. She shared her top healthy travel tips with us.

Vacation is the best for disguised exercise. Tell someone to hit the gym and they'll groan, but tell them to kayak Dunedin Bay, walk around Paris all day or bike though wine country and they're excited, without realizing they’re torching calories in the process.

Bring your own food on the road or on the plane. Healthy options that travel well are grapes, granola, nuts/seeds and hummus.

Don't have the mentality that "Oh I'm on vacation" when it comes to eating. Shockingly, calories still exist on vacations. Don't blow 51 weeks of work on one week of gluttony. That being said, don't deprive yourself either. When you go to Italy, you have the gelato! You just don't go overboard.

Health is more than just physical. Vacation is the perfect time to take time for yourself and beef up your emotional reserves. Go the spa, relax at the pool, play in the ocean, whatever chills you out, just do it.

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