#31 Mecca Gym & Spa— Austin, TX from 31 Best Gyms in America

31 Best Gyms in America

Mecca Gym & Spa
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#31 Mecca Gym & Spa— Austin, TX

Mecca Gym and Spa might be a place where members can workout, but what this luxury fitness facility is really all about is rejuvenation and relaxation. While Mecca offers top-of-the-line fitness equipment and a staff of highly-experienced trainers, it places the highest priority on catering to the wellness and lifestyle of its members. Luxurious locker rooms are decked with everything from complimentary toiletries to eucalyptus steam rooms and the gym’s cafe menu features smoothies, “spa meals,” and even a selection of wine and beer, making it a space perfect for gym-goers who love to unwind after a workout.
—Katie Rosenbrock


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