The Best Bikes of 2015 from The 30 Best Bikes of 2015

The 30 Best Bikes of 2015

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The Best Bikes of 2015

Whether you’re five years old or 75 years old, there’s no denying the sheer sense of joy that comes from riding a bike. The incredible human-powered machines may be one of mankind’s greatest creations, providing a means of transportation, exercise and entertainment. There are many companies making tons of awesome bikes, but how should you decide which bike is best for you?

As the master fitter and Founder of Fit Werx Ian Buchanan told us, “the very best bikes are the ones that match up well with the individual rider.” The perfect bike for you needs to match your needs, aspirations and body. Bike selection is a personal process and great bike shops like Fit Werx take that process seriously. When considering buying a bike, be sure to consult experts like those at the best bike shops and take your time finding a fit that feels right for you.

That said, there are some bikes that are objectively incredible rides, these are our top 30 picks.


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