3 Easy Ways to Fight the Negative Effects of Too Much Sitting

Simple tips that can help you move more throughout the day

Exercising is good for you. Not exercising is bad for you.

When it comes to physical activity and it’s relation to health, we at least know this much to be true.

Scientists are even beginning to pigeonhole the minimum amount of exercise we need to attain the associated health benefits.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, even though we know that inactivity and sedentary behaviors don’t contribute to good health, researchers are still struggling to identify a specific quantity for the amount of inactivity that might put someone at an increased risk for illnesses like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

“Although the scientific activity in this new field is considerable, our understanding of sedentary behavior as a risk factor for chronic disease and death is still rudimentary,” Brigid M. Lynch, PhD and Neville Owen, PhD wrote in an accompanying editorial for a recent study on the subject.

What many experts agree on, though: the more you can move throughout the day, the better, because many studies have shown that while a regular exercise routine will help to keep you healthy, limiting your physical activity to just one segment of your day (e.g. in the morning before work or in the evening after) probably doesn’t displace the negatives side effects associated with prolonged periods of sitting.

Of course, this poses a predicament for the many who spend most of their weekdays sitting in deskchairs. Not to mention, the additional time many of us spend seated while commuting, at home while watching TV, and even in our free time at the movies or when out to eat with friends and family.

The bottom line: science is saying we need to take action, literally.

To help you get your new healthy habit started Experts at Ergotron, a global manufacturer of digital display mounting and mobility products, share the following “move more” tips that can help you incorporate more physical activity in your workday.

-3 Easy Ways to Fight the Negative Effects of Too Much Sitting-

1. Establish a routine of simple stretches or standing at your desk. For example, whenever you answer the phone, stand up.

2. Every 30 minutes, stop for 2 to 3 minutes to breathe deeply, blink your eyes, and stretch stiff muscles (a sign that your metabolism has slowed-down).

3. After working 2 hours, take a 15 minute break: get away from your desk, drink water, walk, or enjoy a healthy snack. Be sure to spend a few minutes walking around, one recent study found that just five minutes of light walking can help to improve blood flow in your arteries.