25 Signs You Might Be a Fitness Fanatic

You mean, you wouldn't rather be at the gym on Friday night?

Your thoughts are frequently consumed by things like protein, barbells and Burpees and after you finish reading this you plan on hitting up the gym.

When you’re as obsessed with fitness as we are, there’s no denying it. Not that you try to hide your passion for lifting heavy weights and sweating it out on the stair master. Your friends and family may not understand (and might be a little annoyed with) your enthusiasm, but no amount of questioning or criticism would ever stop you from staying committed to your goals.

If you can identify with any of the following 25 signs, then yes, you are most definitely a bona fide fitness fanatic.  

1.) You’re on a first name basis with all of the employees at your gym.

2.) You would easily choose CrossFit over happy hour any day. In fact, your colleagues and friends don’t even bother to invite you anymore.

3.) You have love-hate relationship with Burpees.

4.) You own more sneakers than any other type of shoe and each pair has a very specific purpose. (Running, cross training, cycling, etc.)

5.) You blog about running, yoga, CrossFit or any type of exercise in general.

6.) You’ve considered quitting your day job to become a certified personal trainer.  (Or already have.)

7.) You hardly ever share an Instagram gym selfie without the tag #BeastMode.

8.) When you hear a fun new song on the radio your first thought is, “I have to add this to my workout playlist.”

9.) Your wardrobe contains more spandex than any other type of material and you’re starting to think life would be much better if it were acceptable to wear activewear all of the time.

10.) You know that performing any other exercise besides a squat in the squat rack is basically an unforgiveable crime.

11.) You’ve been called “crazy” on multiple occasions for waking up at 5 a.m. to squeeze in a workout before starting your day.

12.) You’ve considered calling in sick to work after leg day.

13.) You know how important rest days are for muscle recovery yet you find it increasingly difficult to take a break.

14.) You embrace every opportunity for more activity, like taking the stairs, biking to work and picking far away parking spots.

15.) You’ve completed the entire Insanity DVD series… More than once.

16.) You schedule your workouts for the week ahead of time.   

17.) You never travel anywhere without at least one outfit for working out and sometimes exercise equipment too.

18.) You own what some would consider an obscene amount of reusable water bottles and always have one at your side.

19.) Because you’re consistently well hydrated you make frequent trips to the bathroom.

20.) Some weeks you spend more time with your personal trainer than your family and friends.

21.) You wouldn’t dream of leaving for work before packing your own lunch (made up of lean protein, complex carbs, and plenty of veggies).

22.) You’ve created strange meals made up of uncomplimentary foods just so you could hit your macronutrient ratios.

23.) You know the meaning of #FitFam and consider yourself a part of it.

24.) You spend your free time reading about exercise and nutrition on sites like The Active Times ;)

25.) You know that the whole point of all your healthy habits isn’t nearly as much about how you look as it is about how you feel. (Which is absolutely amazing!)