Holiday Gear Guide: $25 and Under

Holiday Gear Guide: $25 and Under

Stylish and life-saving. Plus, it’s cheap. You need: At least 10 feet of 550 paracord, an internet connection and time. Backpacker has easy-to-follow directions here. Don't have time? Then you can always plonk down some cash to get one from Survival Straps.

Enjoy a little luxury in the backcountry with this handmade, vegan, biodegradable, small-batch soap. Maple Rowe soaps come in many different scents, including oatmeal stout, cedar flax, lychee red tea and white tea ginger. The company, run by a health-conscious Chicago couple, use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Vanilla? Clean linen? Who are we kidding—it all ends up smelling like your grandmother’s potpourri. Smell better by bringing the outdoors in with these “man-scented” candles that range from bacon to cigar to “new mitt” (aka leather). Our favorite? Campfire.

Wine in the backcountry? You bet. The ultra-durable PlatyPreserve not only is easy to pack then stash, but also protects your wine from oxygen—making it last for days to weeks.

Immortalize your favorite local ski resort with one of artist James Niehues' prints. After flying over each resort and taking aerial photographs, Nieheus works with topographic maps and hand paints each map with a realistic, detailed, breathtaking result. Some national park hiking trails also available.

Do you have a friend with a fantastic beard and tons of flannel? This could be the gift for him. Campfire Cologne lets you bring the backwoods to your home or office in a few simple steps detailed in the website’s hilarious video.

Handmade from recycled materials in the United States, each Practical Climbing sari chalk bag is one-of-a-kind. The company purchases the fabric from a woman who buys un-wearable saris at Indian flea markets and the fleece is made from recycled polyester.

Raise the bar on sock-giving. These 100 percent wool socks are perfect for day hikes and short backpacking trips, complete with an arch brace that helps keep the sock from sliding around and provides your foot with additional support.

Who likes folding maps? No one! Screw neatness, and crumple these maps into handy carrying bags. Available for a variety of cities.

In light of recent events, French scholars (or the scholars at The Onion, anyway) thought it necessary to retranslate "Le Tour de France" into its true meaning—and put it on a tee. Bonus: the dyes used are "EPO dispersing," so throw on your shirt and you, too, can pedal—or, hell, just sit—your way to your own yellow jersey.

If chia seeds are nutritious enough to fuel the Tarahumara ultrarunners (of Born to Run fame), they’re good enough for us! Chia seeds are a complete protein and a one-ounce serving boasts 9 grams of fat, 11 grams of dietary fiber and a solid dose of calcium, phosphorus and manganese.

A hat, headband and neck gaiter in one, this beanie provides a range of cold-weather protection. The open-top option also makes it a great gift for anyone on your list with dreadlocks.

Think arm and leg warmers went away with the '80s? Wrong. They're back—and they're both cuter and more technical than ever. With UPF 50 and odor-resistant fabric, you can help your favorite runner keep her training outside all winter and spring long.

Most outdoorsy dads have a few tricks—shadow puppets on tent walls, whittling sticks, starting a fire with a lens—for keeping the kiddos entertained on nature trips. But there's always more to learn, and this handy little volume from Todd Davis has 35 how-tos—collect water from trees! build a solar shower! compass treasure hunt!—that will help you and your family find wonder in the wild.

Your friends will feel great about wearing this charm, as proceeds from BEYONDgear go to the CEU Urban Climbing School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where founders Andrew Lenz and Asa Firestone hope to build a climbing wall for children in one of South America’s largest slums.