The 20,000 Dollar Triathlon Slideshow

The 20,000 Dollar Triathlon Slideshow

When professional Ironman Timo Bracht wanted to hit his best times ever, he started riding one of these bad boys. After years of engineering, wind-tunnel analysis and pro feedback, the guys over at Giant came up with a piece of engineering art that left triathletes speechless... and penniless. The frame of the bike is made from Advanced SL-grade composite which was sculpted to combat a cyclist’s mortal enemy: wind. It’s also designed to be extremely efficient when it comes to man-power. Every single pedal stroke is maximized by it’s unique PowerCore bottom bracket.
Tally: $13,500

A good wetsuit is a staple to any triathlon, and there’s no going wrong with this top-dollar one from TYR. There are a few reasons it comes with a 4-digit price tag, one of them being its Yamamoto Nano SCS coating neoprene panels throughout the legs, chest and core. This technology helps provide buoyancy, raising the swimmer in the water to cut down on drag and help you maintain perfect form. Another drool-worthy feature? Top-of-the-line, lightning-fast release ankle and wrist cuffs for the kind of easy transitions that lead to personal record times.
Tally: $14,700

When your sunglasses cost as much as 23 bottles of Dom Perignon, you want to make sure they're worth it. One of the reasons you’re paying top dollar? The designers took a page from the aerospace industry when creating them. Each pair is made from pure carbon fiber: a material thinner than human hair yet stronger than high-tensile steel. Also, the actual manufacturing of these glasses is pretty complex—it takes the machinery a continuous 24 hours to carve them out. Did we mention the lenses? They are the brand’s top-of-the-line HD Polarized lenses so that you can see absolutely everything in your path.
Tally: $18,700

Anyone who has taken an Economics 101 class knows that the price of a product depends on two things: supply and demand. SIDI took advantage of this finance theory when producing their 2008 cycling shoes. With just 500 pairs in supply, they banked on a high demand and priced accordingly: a whopping $500. Not only are these pairs lightweight and high-performing, they are a collector’s item as well. With gold lining and a rainbow pattern, each pair is also an homage to cycling sensation Paolo Bettini.
Tally: $19,200

This bobtail-style helmet is becoming extremely popular among athletes serious about cutting down their time and being comfortable. Why? The Bambino features a unique dual internal and external ventilation system, with channels to allow cool air into the helmet and areas to help warm air escape from the head in an aerodynamic fashion. Plus, the flexible ear area means that you won’t have to spend precious time trying to stuff your football-shaped noggin into your helmet during the transition to the bike portion of the race. Finally, it comes with a magnetic visor that’s a dream to change.
Tally: $19,699.95

This helmet beanie dissipates moisture on your head during the the heat of the race. That means that you have a cooler head and less sweat rolling down your forehead during key moments of your swim-bike-run. Seems like it's well worth the $26, if you ask us.
Tally: 19,725.95

These gloves are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a long, grueling bike ride. Each pair is extremely waterproof, plus they're lightly padded with synthetic leather to help ensure that you keep a tight grip on the bike no matter what the race throws at you.
Tally: $19,815.94

These goggles from TYR are designed with the serious triathlete in mind. This particular pair is outfitted with darker lenses which are engineered for comfort on longer swims.
Tally: $19,855.93

Unlike a wetsuit, a tri-suit can be worn throughout all three events. When this one-piece suit is wet and contracted, it's like a slick, smooth neoprene. But when it's dry, the knit is extremely light… and incredibly fast.
Tally: $20,235.92

This hat is the evening runner's best friend. It's brimming with retroreflectivity fabric, plus it's equipped with a flat L.E.D. light to make sure that you're seen during any time of day.
Tally: $20,270.92

This specially designed holster was engineered for fast, one-handed swigs of water at critical times.
Tally: $20,314..87

This neutral performance trainer was designed for natural running at any distance. The sole is equipped with Action/Reaction Technology in both the midfoot and heel, which allows for a bigger energy return when you bound across the trail. That means every stride is more efficient and your time will show it.
Tally: $20,489.87

These compression socks provide enhanced circulation from your feet all the way up to your knees. While they are suitable for race day wear, they are best for training and recovery.
Tally: $20,524.82

This hat is the evening runner's best friend. It's brimming with retroreflectivity fabric, plus it's equipped with a flat L.E.D. light to make sure that you're seen during any time of day.
Tally: $20,270.92