2013 Water Gear Slideshow

2013 Water Gear Slideshow

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Whether you’re park-and-playing or looking for a playful river runner for your local Class III run, your playboating will soar to the next level in the new Jitsu from Dagger. Designed with a fast, loose hull, it lets you surf, spin and perform aerial moves on waves or in holes, thanks to a unique rocker profile, centralized volume, and slicey ends. A “double-step” carving rail helps the boat grip wave faces for controlled carving and building up speed for acrobatics. Plus, it has what it calls “the loosest hull on the market” for effortless spins and other maneuvers. Available in three sizes (5'6", 29 lbs.; 5'9", 31 lbs.; 6', 34 lbs.)

$1,049; dagger.com


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