Nature and the Environment—WINNER from 2013 National Outdoor Book Awards

2013 National Outdoor Book Awards

Texas A&M University Press
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Nature and the Environment—WINNER

Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall
By Krista Schlyer
Texas A&M University Press, College Station, $30

This book is one of the most important works on nature to be published this year. But, first, a clarification: the title “Continental Divide” is not about the separation of the Atlantic and Pacific watersheds.  Rather it’s about the man-made separation between the US and Mexico: the border wall. The wall, of course, is controversial, but left out of the public debate has been the wall’s effect on the natural environment. In this ground breaking work, Author Krista Schlyer reports on what’s been forgotten—and what she has to say is not good. Congress has allowed environmental laws near the border to be waived, and as a result the wall has devastated wildlife migration paths while at the same time rerouting human traffic through the most pristine and sensitive of wild lands. The public needs to be fully informed of the true costs of the wall, and Schlyer’s book is an important step in that direction. BUY


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