The Active Times Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Tons of great gift ideas for runners, fitness freaks, cyclists, campers—and everyone!

It's that time of year again.

Thanksgiving rolls around, and suddenly you've got more people to shop for than ideas or time.

Let us help. Everybody knows a fitness freak, or a runner who can't stop talking about her next race, or a cyclist who'd rather quit his job than drive to work, or a backpacker who's ticking off the days till spring...

The point is, we've got a few ideas. See for yourself.

Shopping for someone in particular? 
• 16 Gifts for the Avid Traveler
12 Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders
11 Gifts for Dogs
• 5 Gifts for the Fitness First-Timer
• 6 Gifts for Every Runner
6 Gifts for the Fashion-Forward Fit Freak
7 Gifts for Bicycle Commuters
5 Gifts for Tech Junkies

On a budget?
• 13 Websites for Great Deals and Cheap Gear
• 5 Ways to Buy Used Outdoor Gear

More ideas...

For skiers and snowboarders:
The Ultimate Ski and Snowboard Kit 2014
Top 10 Powder Skis 2014
Top 10 All-Mountain Skis 2014
Top 10 Resort Skis 2014
10 Top Insulated Jackets
10 Top Ski Goggles
10 Best Ski Jackets 2014
11 Backcountry Essentials
10 Top Base Layers For Cold-Weather Activity
• 10 Cozy Gifts for Keeping Warm
5 Warmest Gloves for This Winter

For cyclists:
• The Best Bikes of 2013
• 10 Top Bike Locks
• 28 Essentials for Bike Commuting

For gadget geeks:
• 12 Go-Anywhere Power Sources for Your Smartphone
• 12 Best Sport Watches
• 12 Top Headphones for Working Out
• 12 Best Rugged, Reliable Flashlights & Headlamps
13 Outdoor Smartphone Accessories
• 11 Fitness Gadgets
• 12 Best Sport Cameras
• 12 Pocket Multitools to Tackle Any Task
• Gear Review: A Strapless Heart Rate Monitor for Every Type of Athlete

For campers and outdoors enthusiasts:
Bad-Ass Backpacking Gear
• Best Sleeping Bags
• The Best Adventure Vehicles of 2013
• 12 Great Portable Grills
• 12 Best Bring-Anywhere Chairs
• The Best Outdoor Books of 2013
• Outdoor Gear for Your Dog
• 20 Green Products That Leave No Trace
Gear Review: The North Face 3-in-1 Triclimate Seraphi Jacket
• Gear Review: 3-in-1 Backpackable Suitcase By Osprey Ozone Convertible Series

For runners and fitness buffs:
• The 25 Best Running Shoes of 2013
13 Best New Running Shoes for Fall
10 Top Running Gear Picks
• The Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
• Best Women's Yoga Gear
• Cold-Weather Workout Gear
• 12 Best Sport Sunglasses
 13 Best Water Bottles
• Gear Review: EvoFit's ensō Muscle Roller


Use the comment section below to let us know what's on your wish list this year!