20 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Gym

Don't deny it; at least one of these thoughts has crossed your mind at the gym before

What if we could all read each other’s minds while at the gym? I have a feeling we’d all be getting glimpses of thoughts very similar to our own. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I’m not really sure.

There are plenty of advantages to working out at a public gym, including the fact that you’ll often find yourself surrounded by a passionate and supportive community of people who love to exercise.

The downside, though, is that it sometimes creates a sort of fishbowl atmosphere. You’re sharing your exercise space with other members and therefore everyone’s actions, including your own, are on display.

Sometimes it makes you feel self-conscious about your own workout and sometimes it makes you secretively wonder about the (sometimes questionable) actions of others.

Either way, these are the few of the thoughts that, at one point or another, almost everyone has at the gym.


-20 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Gym-

1. Did that guy really just walk away from that treadmill without wiping it down?

2. Ooo cute sneakers!

3.  Stop hogging that bench and update your Twitter somewhere else, bud.

4. Let me just glance over and see how long this person next to me has been on the elliptical for.

5. 45 minutes?! Are they insane?!  

6. Hey, is he trying to sneak a peek at my screen? How rude.

7. How is it even possible for headphones to get THIS tangled?!

8.  I can’t start until I find the perfect song on my workout playlist.

9. Man, I really need to update my workout playlist.

10. Please, no one look at me while I try to figure out how this machine works.

11. There are 40 open treadmills and you had to pick the one right next to me?!

12. That’s how it’s gonna be? Fine, then we’re racing.

13. OK, no. Too fast. You win.

14. I wonder if I should try a spin class. Everyone is always so sweaty when they come out of there. It must be a good workout.

15. Does that dude do squats every day?

16. If I get off the treadmill now will anyone notice that I only ran for five minutes?

17. Maybe I should hire a personal trainer…

18. Why is everyone on their cell phone?

19. (Sees someone from high school/ a coworker/ vague acquaintance) I’m so sweaty. Please don’t talk to me, please don’t talk to me, please don’t talk to me.

20. I can’t wait to eat when I get home.

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