20 Things That Happen When You Start Running

If you're a runner, you can relate

Start running, they said. It eventually gets easier, they said.

Sure, the actual act of running gets easier, but when you start running, like really commit get addicted to the sport, there are a bunch of other slightly annoying things that start to happen.

OK, there not all annoying. Some are actually life-changing for the better. So I guess even though you’re dropping more money on race entry fees and sneakers than you spend on your rent in one month, it’s totally worth it in the end.

-20 Things That Happen When You Start Running-

1. Many people are suddenly very concerned about the health of your knees.

2. You actually want to eat well. Once you discover how much better it feels to run fueled by a bowl of peanut butter and banana oatmeal rather than say, a Poptart, you’ll immediately understand.

3. You learn new and extremely creative ways to slip the fact that you ran (and how far you went) into almost any conversation.

4. Many of your friends suddenly love to complain about how much they hate running.

5. Your body starts to change. Your stomach might lose a bit of fat, your quads will likely gain a bit more muscle and you might slim down in some other unexpected areas. Results will vary because we’re all different, but with the increased activity you will likely experience some sort of transformation.

6. You scoff at the ridiculous price of things like movie tickets or drinks at the bar, but will gladly hand over anywhere from 30 to upwards of 200 dollars to run down a road with a numbered bib on your shirt. (And potentially get a medal and some race swag, too.)

7. You try to get your non-runner friends to run with you….

8. …. And eventually learn that for most, it’s a lost cause.

9. So, you make new friends who already run and work out with them instead. (The conversations you have with them while out on long runs are some of the best you'll ever have. Am I right?)

10. You finally learn what the all elusive runner’s high feels like.

11. You actually want to work out, but instead it doesn’t even feel like exercise; just pure enjoyment of the most basic kind.

12. Tight calves, sore quads and knots the size of tennis balls in your IT bands very quickly teach you the importance of scheduling yoga and rest days into your workout routine.

13. Foam rolling.

14. You may sacrifice a few toenails along the way.

15. Weather becomes irrelevant. All that matters is that you suit up with the right gear.

16. So, your wardrobe slowly starts to consist of more moisture-wicking garments than any other type of apparel.

17. Sneakers are no longer an indulgence or fashion statement, but rather an important investment in your health as a runner.

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18. Most new songs that you hear are judged by whether or not they would make a good addition to your running playlist.

19. Carbs are no longer an evil diet enemy but an essential nutrient that you will never shun again.

20. You are often referred to as “crazy.” (But what anyone who says this really means is awesome.)

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you would add to the list in the comments section below!

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