20 Reasons to Travel in Your 20s

A few major reasons you should capitalize on your youth by traveling the world

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You probably don’t have any major, inescapable responsibilities—for now...

There’s no greater freedom than charting your own course.

And no better learning experience than setting out to see the world.

Travel looks great on a resume.

Now if only there was a single job opening in your field.

While you’re young it’s easier and more enjoyable to adjust to changing environments.

20-somethings are experts at cheap travel.

And your parents still have a soft spot for you…maybe.

Loan me $500?

Jobs abroad come easier to youngins.

No matter how terrible those jobs may be.

You’ll never look better than you do now.

And you’ll never have more energy.

Your body can handle the damage and (mostly) bounce back.

You also have a fast metabolism and a strong stomach—or so you tell yourself.

You’ll make friends all over the world.

And friends with benefits.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself.

And your place in the universe.

Go now because some places might not be around in 20 years—or even 5. 

Do it for the insta.

Traveling basically ensures you’ll have epic stories to tell later on.

You’re only young once—Just go.

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