The 20-Minute Kettlebell Workout That Strengthens Your Whole Body

This one piece of equipment is all you need for a killer workout

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Kettlebells are best known for their calling-card movement, the swing. But there's way more to these cast-iron orbs than that two-handed explosion. In fact, when it comes to strength and conditioning, a couple kettlebells are all you need for a kickass, effective workout .

Having established that 'bells are the bomb, we asked Greatist Expert and CrossFit coach Erica Giovinazzo to put together a quick kettlebell workout to challenge the whole body. Giovinazzo recommends warming up with mountain climbersinch wormssquat jumps, and push-ups (performing each movement for 30 seconds for three rounds). You can also prep for this workout with this quick and effective full-body warm-up designed by Bodeefit. Finally, Giovinazzo recommends that 'bell beginners swing the kettlebell to eye level (called a Russian kettlebell swing) while more advanced swingers bring the 'bell all the way overhead (an American kettlebell swing).

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