20 Essentials for Triathlon Race Day

Reduce race day anxiety by making sure you have all these essentials in check

Whether you’re gunning for a sprint or an Ironman, pulling together race day necessities for a triathlon is no easy task. Especially if you’re traveling to a race, many considerations need to be made when planning your packing list. 

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While completing your gear check can be one of the most stressful elements of race day, it is also something many triathletes revel in. To be sure, getting your gear dialed in just the way you prefer is part of the fun of the sport and also a key to racing success.

Perhaps one of the most common pieces of race day advice from coaches and veteran triathletes is to “control the controllable.” 

Outside factors, such as weather, can throw off your race; there’s nothing you can do about it. Conversely, logging a bad leg of the race because you forgot an important piece of equipment or accessory is completely avoidable.

Indeed, one of the easiest ways to reduce anxiety on race morning is to have a handle on all the necessary gear and get it organized in a way that makes sense to you. 

As a big event nears, create a checklist of what you’ll need for race morning. This list should be based on a practiced routine that works for you. By testing out equipment in training, you remove many unknowns from race day to insure you’ll be comfortable, equipped and well fueled from start to finish.

What’s more, practicing your race day routine, from loading your gear into the car to setting up transition, will eliminate wasted time and panic on the morning of the event. Instead of searching for that wayward sock or lost water bottle, you’ll go into the water feeling calm, cool and collected.

Take a look at these top items you’ll want to tote to transition. Aside from your bike, these are some of the most necessary race day essentials for athletes of every level tackling all distances.

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