17 Signs You're Part of the #FitFam

Who knew your social media addiction could actually make you more fit?

You prepare all of your meals for the week on Sundays, browse health and fitness blogs before you go to bed, wouldn’t dream of ever missing one of your six weekly workouts, and most importantly, you update your social networks about all of this on a daily basis. If you can confess to any of these habits, you might be a member of the #FitFam.

Of course, we don’t have to tell you because you probably already know. After all, you wouldn’t dare post an update without including the hashtag and you consider every member of this fitness-focused, clan as close as your own flesh and blood.

Where and when #FitFam first began is unknown, but as of late it’s grown into a widely popular movement that’s inspiring more and more social media users to embrace health and fitness. (Or just really ticking off anyone who doesn’t want to hear about your exercise endeavors.)

The idea behind it is simple: according to fitness model and competitor Gary Sethi (a prominent #FitFam member), the trend is all about supporting and inspiring others. In his words it’s “[A group] of Fitness lovers who support one another to reach their ideal fitness goals.” It’s less “look at me I’m awesome” and more “I accomplished this and you can too.”

Whether it irks or inspires you there’s no denying the fact that this fitness-forward social movement is gaining momentum fast. According to hashtags.org, #FitFam sees an average of 298 Tweets per an hour on any given day and over the past few weeks it’s popped up on Twitter's top trending topics list several times. A hashtag search for the term on Instagram yields more than 7 million uploads.

If you’ve ever shared a social media update and attached the "FitFam" hashtag, you’re most certainly a member of this growing social support system, but here are just a few more ways for you to tell if your devotion to health and fitness (and addiction to social media) has earned you entry into this virtual group of highly inspirational influencers.

1. You upload at least one gym selfie to Instragm daily.

2. Your iPhone can autocomplete hashtags like #fitspo, #traininsaneoremainthesame, #beastmode, #legday, and #gymlife.

3. Your Facebook feed is made up mostly of motivational memes and the daily updates of famous fitness personalities.

4. Any media you share on a Sunday is all about one thing: #mealprep.

5. You #eatclean 98.5% of the time and it’s very important that you make this clear to your entire network daily.

6. You will go out of your way to explain to anyone and everyone how and why #absaremadeinthekitchen.

7. Any shared photo of a food you consider to be “unhealthy” is always followed by #cheatmeal.

8. You check for updates from your favorite healthy recipe blogs daily.

9. Your Tumblr dashboard only includes posts from users who tag their posts #fitblr.

10. You enjoy (maybe a little too much) sharing inspirational graphics with quotes like “Sweat + Sacrifice= Success” and “The only bad workout was the one that didn’t happen.”

11. #MotivationMonday, #TransformationTuesday, #WorkoutWednesday #FitnessFriday… You religiously post photos according to weekday hashtag trends associated with health and fitness.

12. Instead of DIY project ideas and wedding day inspiration, your Pinterest boards are cluttered with motivational graphics, healthy recipes, and workout regimens.

13. You upload screenshots from apps like MapMyRun (or use an app like Fitsnap) to share #PROOF of your workouts on a daily basis #picsoritdidnthappen

14. You regularly retweet people like Jillian Michaels and Michael Pollan and religiously check up on sites like The Active Times. (Wink, wink.)

15. You frequently share quotes from books like Born to Run and The China Study on your Tumblr and Facebook pages.

16. You’ve watched documentaries like “Forks Over Knives” and “Food, Inc." on Netflix and never miss a chance to tell your friends and family about how they need to watch them now.

17. And finally… You’re never more inspired to keep up your healthy habits than when you check up on your networks and see the hard work, dedication and successes of the entire #FitFam community.