"Kicking off the attempt from a 100 feet high crane Phillips edged past the previous record of 105 jumps set by Kevin Scott Huntly in South Africa in 2011, Guinness said in a statement," PTI reported. "The attempt, which was organized in support of charity Breast Cancer Arabia,baidu, was operated by Gravity Zone, a bungee site in the United Arab Emirates which operates in partnership with the UK Bungee club."

PTI continued, "For the event, extra professional man power from the UK Bungee Club was brought in as well as multiple crane drivers and a sports therapist,San Francisco 49ers News — Niner Insider Blog Jim H@@@@@, ensuring safety was a top priority."

Although Phillips made ample preparations, he didn't take off to a good start. On his second jump, he smashed into a tree.

"He later dislocated his little finger on his left hand after getting caught in his harness during one plunge, which was clicked back into place by the on-hand medical team, allowing Phillips to continue," PTI reported.

Due to the numerous aches and pains he had sustained during the event, Phillips stopped on his 151st jump. He had, however, initially planned to complete 200 jumps.

"The jumps were aggressive on the body, depending on the wind and the way harness was attached," Phillips said. 

He described the experience as "the greatest physical challenge of his life."

Phillips said his next attempt will be to break the bungee record from the Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest building, PTI reported.

"I have Burj Khalifa in my thoughts. Thoughts are playing in my head, but let's see what happens," he said.

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